Promotional products, including mugs, canvas bags, pens and more, can really do a lot to increase the marketing presence of your business. However, promotional products need to be practical in order to be effective. If you give someone a useless piece of junk with your company name on it, he will likely accept it just to be polite only to throw it away the second he is out of your view. Even worse, he might start to unconsciously associate your company with useless and annoying junk, which is not a good thing.

On the other hand, if you give your customer something well-made, attractive and practical with your brand on it, he will be delighted. He will be more likely to bring it home from your retail outlet or booth at a conference or trade show, keep it and use it.

Every time the customer or client uses this practical object, your brand name will be reinforced in his mind. It’s a fact that consumers are drawn to brands that are familiar to them. The more acquainted they are with your name and logo, the more likely they are to choose you against your competitors.

Also, if the object that bears your name is well-designed and very useful, your customers will associate these positive traits with your brand. They will see you as representing quality and reliability.

Ideas for Practical Promotional Products

So you want to give away something high-quality and practical that your customers will use in their day-to-day life? Here are a few ideas:


People always need pens. Everyone uses them all day and in all aspects of life. Some people have a favorite pen, and if you are smart, you’ll select a promotional pen that writes nice enough to be considered someone’s favorite. Give your customer a good quality pen and he might even use it every day.

Pens make a great promotional give-away gift because they are quite cheap. However, many businesses offer promotional pens, so the key is to offer your customers and clients a pen that will outshine the competition. You’ll want to choose a high-quality pen and choose a unique design to make it stand out.

Golf Balls and Tees

If your customers are golfing fans, why not offer them customized golf tees, balls and divot repair tools? This will show that you are interested in their play as well as their work. When they are out on the golf course in a relaxed frame of mind, they will use your practical accessories and associate your company name with leisure and the part of their lives they enjoy.

Tote Bags

A high-quality canvas reusable bag is a great promotional giveaway for your business. Anyone who picks one up at a conference or trade show will likely use it to carry around all their other goodies, which means they are advertising for you all day long. These bags are also perfect for carrying groceries, especially since many people are cutting down on the amount of plastic bags they use. Whenever someone brings your bag to the grocery store, your name gains even more exposure.

Multifunctional Items

People don’t like junk, but a well-made, good-quality multifunctional tool has many uses and is much more likely to be seen as valuable. A keychain that doubles as a flashlight can help your clients and customers to find their way up their front walk when they forget to leave the light on, and a Swiss Army knife can be used in a wide variety of ways. These tools are more likely to be kept by people and used for longer.

When you are considering what promotional products for your business to give away, take an honest look at the item and ask yourself whether you would actually use it or whether you would throw it away. If your giveaway items are high-quality and practical, they will be powerful in promoting your business.

About the Author: Rachelle Wilkinson is a freelance marketing consultant who helps small businesses to build their brand. She loves collecting advertising pens and other freebies at trade shows to get new marketing inspiration.

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