Link baiting is one of the most valuable search engine optimization strategies that is being used today for passive marketing. Link baiting has the purpose of helping you market your content by writing good articles that would be enticing to your readers and instead of doing some link building to your articles yourself, you make your readers do that for you. Sounds easy right? Well, not really. Link building can be a tricky strategy and you need to exert the extra effort to write good content to make your article links worth sharing in the virtual community. Doing it right is the key and here are 5 useful tips for link baiting that will surely help you embark to a productive SEO passive marketing.

  1. Market information in your content

People use the internet in order to search for information. While there are probably numerous articles about a specific topic that you can find on the internet, you can still be creative on how you can write an article with a good content that will hook your readers right away. Researching about your niche and writing down fresh content is the key. Who would want to share an old news anyway? Your ability to offer fresh, new and updated information about a specific topic will definitely spark the interest of your readers. Using infographics, charts and presentation on your site about the latest research data that you do yourself when doing your own research and providing links that will make it easier for your readers to share is a good start for link baiting. As people find your content useful and shareable, they will be compelled to spread your links across the virtual community.

  1. Personalize your content

Your content should be compelling, moving and informative in order to attract your readers to link to your content. Writing on a personal level can make you write unique content. Sharing your experiences and bringing more emotion in your writing can potentially engage your readers to read more about what you can share and to learn from those experiences. It would be easy to focus on universal issues and concerns in order not to limit your market audience who will be interested on what you write about. Writing inspirational articles can be interesting to your readers and makes it worth sharing inspiring experiences of others as well.

  1. Perspective writing makes a difference

The internet is a huge community and people may be writing about the same topics with similar contents. What you need to target in order to build link baiting would be to take your writing style at a different perspective. Make a research about a specific topic you want to write and become acquainted with what and how others have written their articles and make a writing approach at a different angle. Perhaps you could consolidate the information from various sources in order to deliver a more thorough and updated data that will be more useful to your readers. The more you make a different approach, the better you can attract readers to share your link. If most people write the negative aspect about a particular topic, you can write about the topic on its positive perspective. This is something new that online readers will welcome and find it worth sharing with your links.

  1. Make your content sharable

Your ultimate goal in link building is to compel your readers to share a link of your website content. So make sure that you make it convenient for them to share your site by providing shareable buttons on your content. Don’t miss out the opportunity to link bait your articles to your readers and ensure to include an accessible “share this button” to various social media sites that your readers can use with convenience.

  1. Simple but meaty content

If you expect your content to go viral and worth sharing by your readers, engaging them in it is important. Writing short but completely informative article is one way to hook your readers. Writing long content may easily bore them. Do not use jargons that will make your readers totally lost when reading your article. Short sentences will also become more appealing to read. Writing a straightforward article will likely make your visitors interested to read about what you write especially when they can immediately find the information they want to know. These are the common article structures that could improve your link bait and motivate others to find your site worth sharing.

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