In today’s age with so much constantly changing and new inventions and creations that are constantly on the rise, questions are bound to increase; and why not? It is only through questioning that people gain tremendous amount of knowledge. What if people could earn a good amount of money from these questions too? Can that happen? Yes, definitely it can! Google Analytics is one of the many digital marketing services offered by Google for the human race of the globe.

To put it simply, Google Analytics is a service for people involved in the field of marketing. It helps in generating the sources of traffic with complete details. This service offered by Google is used immensely by all the website developers to generate website statistics. So, the only question that lingers in the minds of people would be, “How can Google Analytics be used to power question and answer strategies?” The answer is very simple.

When you are involved in a business of say, a particular product, you need to know all aspects of this product. The positive point is that you get thoroughly acquainted with your product but the drawback is that it will lead to several questions that need to be answered and the questions that bother you may not necessarily worry the users. So coming up with an effective solution is mandatory. Sometimes, people wonder if getting into the FAQ business is worth taking the risks. Google Analytics is a powerful tool to get the FAQ business started. It is extremely favourable to answer questions of the users with this service.

To begin using this service which promises to offer a great level of flexibility, one has to first open an account in Google Analytics. Once that is done, your just moments away from reaping its benefits. Once in Google Analytics, firstly click on the Advanced Segments which can be found in the section that reads Standard Reporting. Select the button labelled, “New Custom Segment”. Once this is done, you’ll find yourself exposed to the innumerable possibilities that are offered by Google Analytics. Do not forget to mention “include”. What follows is as easy as pie. You just need to add a keyword, select “Matching RegExp” and put a certain code into the text box provided. There is an option that follows which asks for the number of rows. Now the speciality of this is that the number of rows means the number of queries that can be asked by the people. The more the number of rows, the more will be the visitors that will be able to ask the queries. This further means that increasing rows will also increase the traffic for that particular site.

On selecting email from the top of the list, fill the section with emails of your prospective buyers and regular buyers. This will update the list and on changing the frequency, you can attack your target with ease. The frequency can be chosen as per your will. It is that flexible. The Question and Answer strategy not only helps you mint tremendous chunks of money, it is also quite fun. These digital marketing services are a fun way to get in touch with people and answer their questions while making sure that the traffic for the page remains constant. What you want is for your page to be popular. Interlinking of questions is also possible using Google Analytics. There are so many ways to cover your target audiences and make sure their questions get answered. It is also becoming increasingly popular with businessmen who take this up to earn good money.

Debra is a marketing professional dealing in digital marketing services. She believes that this industry has a lot of scope and will be booming in the years to come. She loves to cook in her spare time and is a Nigella Lawson fan. Also she writes for best SEO Company.

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