How to Implement Lasting Leadership

A business is only as good as its leader, which remains why having exceptional leadership skills is so necessary. While you might offer the best product available and have an exceptional sales team, if you are not able to lead the staff and provide appropriate direction for the entire team the business is not going to move in a desirable direction and could eventually suffer a major setback. Due to this, knowing how to implement lasting leadership traits and skills proves essential. Some of the tasks take a bit of time and practice, while others you can implement right away. Regardless, as long as you strive to be the very best leader possible it should help increase productivity, profitability and set in action a movement towards a better future.


For starters, you have to know how to implement and integrate your vision into the business. Hiding your desire for the future is not going to do much for you and actually could prove detrimental towards the company. Due to this, you need to know how to present your vision to the rest of the company. Organize your ideas. You might have all sorts of great ideas just floating around in your head. When this happens write them down. As you write your ideas down it is going to become evident that some of these ideas are just not as good as what you thought. Seeing the ideas on paper has a way of doing that. This way, you can reduce some of these ideas and focus only on the ones you like.

Now that you know of some of the best ideas for the future you need to hold a meeting either with your employees (if you run a small business) or the heads of departments. From there, you can present your ideas and have the workers or department managers throw around other ideas for how to arrive at each task. With everybody knowing all of the different ideas you can now determine actions to reach each idea. The departments and workers can notify you of what ideas are possible, what won’t work and what are counterproductive with one another. This way, you can implement your vision and the office will know about it.


Confidence is one of the very best traits of a good leader. Nobody wants to follow someone who is not confident in themselves as it is going to make the workers themselves lose confidence. This is something you just need to practice and eventually it will become part of your daily routine. You can be assertive without being bossy, because you are not necessarily shooting down other ideas, you just believe in yourself.

You also need to show confidence in your workers as well. When an employee knows the boss has confidence in them they are going to increase their productivity and improve performance, simply because they know what they are doing is right and what they are doing is approved and appreciated by you.


A good leader is able to motivate those around them and this is a leadership trait that you also need you master. If you can’t motivate your employees or individuals who are around you then you aren’t really a leader. People are less motivated by a person who is bossy or someone who doesn’t respect them, so instead you need to encourage. They already know that you believe in them but you also need to encourage them with what they are doing. From there you also need to back up your staff when times get tough. When there is a deadline and other issues coming up they don’t want to feel like their backs are against the wall and you are not on their side. Of course there are times where you can’t be buddy buddy, but by working with them and by showing you are on their side, their productivity will increase and they will feel much better about their job.

There are so many different fine leadership traits taught in leadership programs that it is difficult to utilize all of them, but by implementing some you’ll become a much better boss.

Trisha Vivona is a freelance writer and social media talent valuing innovation, hard work, and a relentless approach to creating value for clients and stakeholders. She can be reached onTwitter.