3 Apps to Help You Market Your Business More Effectively

Mobile apps like Dropbox and Evernote have uses in practically every part of running a business. Whether you’re a business owner, manager or marketer, these two apps can be useful in helping you put ideas together, share them and collaborate on them. Anyone would find Evernote useful for its ability to create to-do lists, checklists and project notes. What kind of apps are there, though, for specific business functions – such as marketing, for instance?


Marketers often need to attend marketing events. Sometimes, they even need to organize events of their own. When it comes to attending important marketing events, it can be hard work keeping up with dozens of event lists and making sure that you don’t miss anything. Organizing events is even tougher. Eventbrite is a website and app platform for marketers that helps them organize events and keep track ones they need to attend themselves.

Attending events becomes easy on Eventbrite because many event organizers use the platform to accept registrations. If you need to keep up with news of what the latest events are and register for them, you just need to look at your Eventbrite app. When you need to publicize an event of your own, Eventbrite allows you to market it through the website and the app, issue tickets and receipts, interpret backend data and collect statistics on attendees.


Content marketing today is frequently referred to as the new SEO and as the marketing method of the future. Many small businesses, though, find it hard to keep up with the demands of putting out a competent content marketing effort. It can be hard for them to keep up a steady flow of good ideas and interesting content. Understandably, their content marketing effort flags before long.

The reason small businesses often fail at content marketing is that they don’t have the time or the resources needed to produce content in-house. What they can do, instead, is to outsource the effort. Zerys is a content creation service that allows marketers to simply use an app to post content requirements to freelance writers. Once a content order is posted on the app, a writer on Zerys accepts the order, writes out the content needed and sends it back. The content marketer, then, decides right on the app whether the writing supplied is good enough. The Zerys app even helps marketers out by offering suggestions on content topics.


When marketing and public relations professionals need to issue a press release, usually, they turned to a service like PRNewswire. This particular service has been popular for a half-century now. Wire press releases, though, tend to be priced out of the reach of many small-business budgets. For marketers on a modest budget, PRNewswire has a new product that does press releases on a smaller scale. Called iReach the product is a DIY press release platform for small businesses who only need press releases for lead generation, SEO and news distribution.

While iReach may be perfect for startups, it does come with a few eligibility rules. A business needs to have a physical address to have its press releases distributed on iReach.

There are many more

Depending on how your business chooses to market itself, you can find a number of other marketing apps to help your effort. If your business benefits from social media marketing, for instance, you have a large array of apps like HootSuite TweetBeep and TwitterFeed, to choose from. If email marketing works well for you, MailChimp is an effective choice.

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