Towing an Iceberg – Great Business Idea or Pipedream?

So I recently came across a video that talks about towing icebergs so that when they melt, the water can be used in areas where there are water shortages. Sounds kind of bogus to me. I mean the theory sounds great and one has to applaud French engineer Georges Mougin (who is the visionary who thought of this). But, is the push behind this just a marketing hoax? Check the video out for yourself, and then I’ll let you know some of what I found.

Pretty impressive isn’t it?

Of course Dessault claims that IceDreams is not a hoax. Rather, they say that it is a real project with real people working on it. And… after doing some research, I think I can say this is not a hoax. Dessault’s 3d models have given Mougin a way to model the real impacts of towing an iceberg to an area to melt for water. He has been working on the idea for decades now. Through the “you must be crazy phase” to the current “this just might work” phase. Given the number of people in the world who will struggle to get drinking water in the future, an idea is all it takes to come up with a plan to do real good in the world.

I find the idea intriguing, and worthwhile myself.