Protect Your Business at Home and Abroad With the Right Equipment

Owning and running a business can be tricky for large and small companies alike. When your company also includes a fleet of vehicles, or relies on deliveries from outside sources to keep things running, ensuring that security remains tight and delivery/service appointments are on-time can be a nightmare if you lack the proper equipment. As your business expands and the processes become more involved or complicated, investing in cameras and GPS devices can help you stay in control.

Monitoring Your Drivers

While it is good to have trust in the employees on your team, delivery trucks and service vehicles can become a breeding ground for cutting corners and employee dishonesty. You may not be able to personally follow every truck in person, but with a quality GPS tracker, you can keep a watchful eye at all times.

If you think that all that GPS systems have to offer is the location of a vehicle, you’re living in the past. The truth is that modern tracking systems have the ability to do much more, including:

  • Accurately track multiple vehicles at once
  • Notify you when a vehicle exceeds a certain speed or leaves an approved delivery or service zone
  • Cut fuel costs with route optimization
  • Locate stolen vehicles

Having a quality GPS system improving the way that you manage your delivery/service fleet can greatly reduce the amount of money that is spent on gas and wasted time. As a result, you can expect to have happier customers, more efficient team members, and fewer concerns regarding how business is being handled out on the road.

Protecting Your Place of Business

When it comes to improving the level of security at your place of business, investing in a license plate camera can be extremely beneficial. Business offices are typically visited by an assortment of vehicles each and every day. From employees to deliveries, there can be any number of strange individuals on-site, and as a result, there can be a gap in your security. By having a camera specifically designed to capture license plate images, you can keep track of the vehicles that are on your property.

The most advanced cameras that capture license plate images can provide clear images during the day and night. Regardless of the light on your property, they can photograph a license plate on a vehicle that is traveling at speeds greater than 100 miles an hour, at distances of about 100 feet. With that kind of reliability, you can easily keep an eye on delivery trucks, employee vehicles, identify vehicles being driven recklessly on your property, or ensure the safety of your property at night.

If you own a business, finding an effective and affordable way to maintain a good level of security and efficiency is crucial. By investing in GPS devices for your delivery/service vehicles, you can expect to improve productivity, lower the cost of fuel, provide better customer service by meeting appointments on-time, and avoid heavy losses that can be associated with a stolen vehicle. When improving the security at your place of business is the goal, investing in a camera specifically designed for capturing photographs of license plates can be a great option. With these types of tools working in your favor, your company can enjoy a better state of security which can make way for increased success for your business.

Article courtesy of BrickHouse Security. Follow BrickHouse on twitter @brickhousesecur or visit the BrickHouse Security Blog for more security industry updates.