Themes and Ideas for your Corporate Christmas Party

It’s nearly the festive season again and that means Christmas parties with your family, friends and, of course, your colleagues. Corporate Christmas parties needn’t just be an excuse to get really drunk and photocopy your bum! You can make it more of an event to celebrate your company’s year and do some fun team bonding.  If you are in charge of planning this year’s Christmas party and are looking for something a bit different, here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Ice Skating.

Around Christmas time there are plenty of outdoor ice skating rinks, for example at Hampton Court Palace or The Natural History Museum in London. It’s not only festive, you can bond over hot chocolate afterwards and laugh about your ice skating abilities, or lack of!

  • Mad Men Theme.

‘Mad Men’ has been one of the biggest hit TV shows in recent years and has inspired a retro style revival in both men and women. Ask your colleagues to dress up as 60’s American ad executives or their favourite character and serve martinis and chocolate cigars.

  • Wine Tasting.

If your colleagues fancy themselves as wine connoisseurs or want to learn a bit more about fine wine, wine tasting sessions are a great opportunity to pick up some tasting tips and try some excellent vintages without having to get overly drunk. They tend to only last an hour or two, so it is worth booking a restaurant for afterwards.

  • Boat Party.

If you work quite closely to one of the larger rivers in the UK, such as the Thames, you can book an evening on a boat where you can socialise and see your city’s sights.

  • Party Photo Booth.

Party photo booths are a fun, interactive form of entertainment and everybody can relax and get a bit silly. You could ask everybody to leave one of their pictures and make a display for your office so you can remember how much fun you had for the rest of the year. Leading hire photo booth hire company, Megabooth can customise a taxi photo booth with your company’s logo and colours to make it unique to your event.

  • Murder Mystery Weekend or Evening.

A murder mystery evening, or even a weekend, gets you out of your normal surroundings and gives you the chance to channel your inner thespian. You could create your own and just hold it in your office or a hired space. Stick-on Poirot moustaches optional!

  • 80’s Party.

Even people born after the 1980’s love a bit of 80’s cheese! There are lots of great Christmas songs from the decade as well as other hits and you could get 80’s inspired party snacks, like cheese and pineapple hedgehogs and vol au vents.

  • Ugly Jumpers.

We all have a questionable Christmas jumper stashed away somewhere, in fact, last winter they actually came into fashion! Ask your colleagues to wear their ugliest or cheesiest sweater and award a prize to the worst one.

There are lots of things to do both in your office and out and about to make your company’s Christmas party go with a bang.

Rachel Posner is the Director of Megabooth.  A unique photo booth company who create custom photo booth solutions for private and corporate clients, using standard booths as well as taxis, minis and even inflatable photo booths.