For a small businesses, marketing can have a big impact on sales and growth. As beneficial as marketing can be, it also can be a costly investment. On top of that, small businesses have different needs than the big chain stores out in the market who hire costly agencies to handle marketing for them. Advertising is the most impactful when it is kept local in these cases, and tailored to the specific company. This is where ShopperLocal comes in.

Broken down into the different services they provide, below is a review of what they offer.

Printable Coupons 

The most easily accessible of ShopperLocal’s services is CouponEasy. From this site, shoppers can search for coupons for different services or items in their area. A nice perk about this is that it allows customers to shop around and discover your business for the first time because they find your offer online.

They are easy to print off, easy to transport (they can be added to Passbook on Apple smart phones), and most importantly, get the customer in the door.

The flip side to CouponEasy is, obviously the consumers out there looking need to know the site and how to find the deals! Also be careful, if there are a lot of businesses in your area providing the same products as you, you may want to make sure you have the better deal.

Shopping Cart Ads

As easy is it is to throw away coupons or receipts, an ad on a shopping cart isn’t going anywhere. It’s also not just seen by one customer! ShopperLocal’s AdCart service, which places high quality ads on the back of a child’s seat in a shopping cart, is a really great way to catch the eye of many potential customers, because they will inevitably notice your ad while they are already out shopping in the grocery store near your business.

It is worth being said that some shoppers have gotten so used to advertisements that they can easily just overlook them, so nothing is a sure bet. Additionally, a drawback here is that you can’t provide coupons, since they can’t take the ad (and the cart) home with them.

Register Tape Coupons

What if you could ensure that a large volume of shoppers were all walking around with your coupon? Well, ShopperLocal has a program that does just that! Using their register tape network, they place your ad on the back of grocery store coupons. Of course, a lot of people throw receipts out or never check out the back of them, but compared to a lot of other advertisements people will be more likely to notice and hold on to the slip of paper.

Digital Marketing

Technology has progressed to the point that even small, local businesses should embrace digital marketing. It can be a quick way to spread the word about your business, stay on consumer’s minds, and reach more potential clients. 

Since it can be tricky to set up and maintain, it’s often a good idea to find professionals you can trust to do it for you. ShopperLocal provides all different kinds of digital marketing services:

• Email Marketing


• Social Media Marketing

• Mobile Optimized Websites

Before securing this kind of service though, make sure it is something you will benefit from. If your customer base is too old or unfamiliar with technology it may not be worth the cost.


So Is it Worth it?

In our opinion, yes. The marketing world can be a tricky place, and in business nothing is ever a guarantee, but with ShopperLocal we found the good to outweigh the bad and the problems minimal. This is one example of how true it can be that you have to spend money to make money.

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