How Your Business Can Benefit From Cloud Solutions

There has been a really big buzz around cloud computing in recent years in the IT community, although the concept has been around for a fair amount of time, businesses of all sizes are only recently realizing their potential and the benefits that they can bring to any business.

The idea of cloud computing has been around for many years, if you have a Google Mail account for example, then you are essentially using a cloud service as you are using an external email server, not one that you have created yourself.

Cloud services are externally hosted systems that you can access via an internet connection.

There are several services that cloud solutions provide that can help you run your business more efficiently which is leading to a large and more widespread use to this IT business solution.

Different Cloud Hosted Services

One of the services you can host in a ‘cloud’ is your main servers. This means, that wherever you are you can access all of your documents, applications and resources.

This is great for on the go businesses where you can access all of your files from your office, on the way to a board meeting, or in your home office from multiple different devices.

There are many benefits of this method of hosting your servers, one being that you can access all of your documents from one place, another is that you have heightened security as well as uninterrupted maintenance which gives you peace of mind and uninterrupted use.

You can also host your website domain in a cloud server. This includes the hosting of your website, an e-mail server and content management.

Hosted telephony is another service you can benefit from. This service includes features such as; call recording and logging, voice mail to email, message queuing, voice recognition and video conferencing.

IT Support for Businesses Using Cloud Services

Cloud services can seem daunting at first, especially for a small or start-up business.

However, there is lots of help out there for businesses if they were to be faced with a problem with their cloud solution or if they wanted to inquire about starting up one for themselves.

There are big companies such as Google Cloud Platform, who host and have a cloud service, or small local companies such as Net Technical Solutions who are in Surrey who provide more local and personal help to business owners with IT cloud services.