How To Find The Best Lead Management For My Company

Your company is unique.

Getting that business into the online world means you find programs that best suits your niche and brand. There are many pieces to make this puzzle work right. One of those needs you have online is with generating leads. There’s software to help you with the task too.

But the right fit is important. It can be the difference between a quick and profitable set up to one that costs more money yet never works. Most businesses find the latter. And today, we’re going to make sure that you don’t.

Here are a few steps that ensures you’ll find the best lead management for your company. Getting in front of people is the first step any business takes to be successful online.

Email Marketing Integration

Begin by setting up email marketing software.

Setting up a sales funnel online means you’re breaking into the fundamentals of automation. Automation can be simplified when defining it. It occurs in the sales process, and what takes action from other human triggers. These triggers are the actions that consumers or potential leads take as they respond to your media.

When someone signs up for your email list, they’re automatically sent a written email. The text can be done in any manner you want. You can, in fact, set up automatic responders that are ready to send a weekly email for an entire year. You just have to set up 52 emails for each week.

Then you tag them for a weekly distribution to people assigned in a list of your choosing. You know you’re on the right track to finding an optimal lead management system when there’s compatibility or programming for email responders. Even if you don’t send any messages, this is necessary for capturing emails addresses.

Curation of Landing Pages

Generating leads usually requires the right portal to direct people to and to give them the right information. This is for peaking interest or preparing a sale. This is often done with landing pages when on the Web. But landing pages aren’t just a blank white template that you write on. There’s something else.

You want a lead management system that enables interactive landing pages whose color, format and design can be changed or customized. Remember, you’re unique. There are a million ways to get in front of people online. But no matter how it’s done, leads are often led to and take their most important actions at landing pages.

If you don’t see this as part of your lead management package, you should be ready to consider a different option. This is the year 2016. The simplification in creating landing pages is also important. Which is why templates are so helpful. Look for options that don’t require you to write or know HTML.

There are too many good choices with pre-designed templates or drag and drop features that bypass the need of knowing code.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile is king today if you haven’t noticed.

This was once true about content, but the source or technology people are using to view content outperformed. More than three out of five people use their mobile devices to make purchases from searching the Web. The platform you choose to use for your lead management must be compatible with your consumer.

It has to ensure that the experience they’re having with mobile isn’t interrupted because they landed at your website or landing page.

People are using tablets and phones as computers today. They prefer to look up information through these devices. You do too. Helping consumers along the way is simple now. Yet, the task is impossible unless the lead generation components you’re using displays content for mobile features and functions.

Integration is always a key factor to choosing the right lead management software. When you’ve found the right management software, be sure to check your content on desktop and mobile to verify it. Do that, and you ensure that your target audience gets mobile benefits the way they prefer it.

 Analytics and Tracking

What if you could know every possible detail in your sales funnel? What if you knew what people were doing, where, when, why and for how long? Having this set of information is a marketer’s dream come true. There are few software packages in the marketing world that are without analytic features. You don’t want those.

There’s no reason for settling with a program that can’t track data or give you charts of information to work on. From your advertising, to marketing and sales effort, it all gets tracked. The fact is, without displayed analytics, you can’t get a full understanding of the people entering your sales funnel or what they’re doing.

You might not even understand who they are without analytics. Analytics lets you know that your consumer is made up of more women than men. It tells you that most who saw your landing page came from an email that you sent out. It tells you your percentage in conversions also.

From tracking data, you can see where in a sales funnel do followers engage the most and where they’re leaving or slowing down at. Make sure to incorporate tracking and analytics if you’re considering a new lead management system. It’s the only way to make yourself a complete marketer.

Contact Information And Lead Identity

People are going to enter your sales funnel, and a lead management system is what takes care of getting those leads in. You need traffic before you can get sells or emails. But once they’re in, you need to do something with their information. A solid lead management function you need for your business is the filing of data.

Imagine meeting people at a party. Imagine that these people are important to your business, and so you collect information from them. You have a great time discussing future business potentials. You look forward to speaking with them soon to get business started. They’re prepped and ready for your big offer.

But, what happens if you didn’t collect their data. Or when you realize that you forgot their names and never got contact info from them? In that situation, you lose business and all the work you started. Therefore, a lead management component helps to gather and organize information so you have it for use at a later date.

You also discover that your business is likely to see a large number of prospects, leads and actual consumers. You have to hire a living person as an assistant if you don’t automate. Automating data collection is done with the right lead management system. Get one in place, and you can coast from there.

Otherwise, you’d be up to your shoulders with paperwork and filing. Doing that manually is likely to get you mixed up and bogged down on time. The simple solution is lead management software for your business.

Seamless Opt-Ins For Consumers

Simplification is great for you when using a lead management piece. Yet, it’s also important for your leads as they enter the sales funnel you create. This entry they make into your funnel should be seamless. In other words, every step of the way only requires them to do the most basic and small tasks for getting involved.

The simpler signing up is, the more people you will get to do it.

It’s in your best interest to simplify running a business online. The Internet, coupled with mobile function, is geared for making everything easy for the consumer. When those same prospects reach your online platform, they’ll seek the same simplicity and expect you to have it.

That simplicity is how you know when a lead management system is right for your business.

Mappable Sales Process

One of the best ways of thinking through a problem or through the construction of something is with a diagram. You won’t have to literally draw things out when engaged in online marketing, but you do need to map your funnels out. This lets you know the process consumers will experience.

Creating a sales funnel is more complicated than many realize.

The largest issues we’ve seen over the years relates to business owners unable to visualize the process that their sales funnel creates. Our brains are limited. When you have a lead management system that maps your sales funnel out for you, you then cut back on the bulk of work needed to piece things together.

The mapping process tends to look like a graph or a tree chart. The basic idea is that one action takes each lead to a presentation you’ve prepared. That presentation leads them to other data or another experience. Mapping this out is about increasing the effectiveness of each step consumers will go through.

Therefore, look for a mapping process when deciding on the right lead generation. You’ll do less work in the end and boost your performance in the process. The next chance you have for getting lead management integrated to your business, don’t hesitate. It puts you on the competitive edge of eCommerce.

Bio: Mollie McDonnell is a content writer for , a part of First Impression Interactive, a digital marketing and lead generation service . She focuses on crafting content to help business owners create better online marketing practices.