How To Make Money On Twitter

To many, Twitter is not just a social networking site, but it is a money minting machine. They have mastered the art of using Tweets and retweets to pump-up their bank balance while sitting at the comfy of their home. You too can take advantage of more than 317 million active users on Twitter to generate a stable income stream.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you get started and make money from Twitter:

Choose a Niche

Pick a topic that you love. You may select a niche related to your professional background or hobbies. Your passion about the niche will determine the success you will achieve on Twitter. Although you can tweet about almost anything in the world, selecting a niche and tweeting expert views on it will attract an audience from that particular field. In social media and digital marketing, nothing is more valuable than having a targeted audience base. Most of the advertisers and influencers look for a specific audience. Therefore, your expertise in a particular area is crucial to monetize your Twitter presence.

Start Tweeting

Find little-known secrets and interesting facts about your niche and start tweeting about it. Providing interesting facts and figures with relevant references will help you build credibility. Giving some insider information about your business or industry will be appreciated by other users. You can also express your opinions on a range of issues that you care.

Your 140 character tweets speak volume about your overall personality. Therefore, be careful about tone and language of the tweets. A quick check for grammar and spelling errors will save you from major embarrassments. Never indulge into trolling or other harmful activities. Avoid negative attitude towards other users, celebrities, prominent figures or brands to gain immediate attention.

The idea is to build a vibrant community and engage them in meaningful conversations. There is nothing better than making a positive impact on people around you. So be positive, confident and creative. Tongue-in-cheek tweets go viral quickly which can further help you in making your Twitter account attractive and gain more followers. Post humorous messages. Use a blend of image, videos, and text to engage the different types of users.

Increase your Followers

In the beginning, you will have few followers. Unless you are highly creative or a great copywriter, you may not get the good Twitter followers easily. You need to make consistent efforts to acquire more followers. You may find many vendors on the internet who sell Twitter followers at low prices. Avoid using services of these companies as they provide fake followers or bots that don’t add any value to the Twitter universe apart from increasing imaginary numbers. If you have thousands of followers without engagement, it makes your account untrustworthy. Therefore, don’t use a shortcut to gain massive followers. It will do more harm than good to your account in the long run.

Here are some quick ways to build followers on Twitter:

Be genuine and authentic. Don’t try to be diplomatic or a nice guy. Be yourself and write your real feelings.

Be creative in your tweets.

Use trends and tag relevant influencers to increase reach of your tweets

Tweet about current affairs, especially the ones which are related to your niche or the news that you are passionate about.

Engage with other users who share similar interests.

Use tools such as Tweepi or Tweetdeck to find out and fellow relevant users. Follow the followers of influencers in your field, and some of them will follow you back. The more number of people you will follow, the more followers you gain. You can later unfollow accounts who don’t add any value or tweet irrelevant content.

Join an Ad Exchange Platform

Using ad exchange platforms, you can start making money if you have 100+ relevant followers on Twitter. The earning prospects will be higher if you have a large follower base.

To get started, you just need to join the ad exchange platforms and follow their instructions. Not all advertising exchange platforms are authentic. Thus, you should do some research before making a decision to join these exchange programs. Also, don’t join more than two to three platforms to avoid being seen as an overly promotional user.

To begin with, you can try these platforms: To join SponsoredTweets, your Twitter account must be at least 60 days old, and have a minimum of 50 followers & 100 tweets. Once accepted on the site, you will have to set a price for sponsoring a tweet (or tweeting a message from your account). Based on your Twitter presence, engagement with followers, and the bid price, the advertisers will accept your bid and send you relevant messages. You will have to tweet these messages at a specified time to earn money. Another platform Twittad works in a similar way except that you can choose only a specific type of product which mainly depends on your niche.

MyLikes: Platform like MyLikes or Rev Twt works on pay per click model. Your earning depends on how many unique users have clicked your tweet ads. You simply need to choose the ads from the exchange and tweet it at the time set by the advertisers. Usually, members earn a maximum of $0.42 per click. Your earnings will be transferred to your bank or PayPal account on a weekly basis. Join and authorize advertisers to send tweets from your account. You don’t need to reveal your password to provide access to your account. The advertisers will access the account through a third party application. Thus, the connection is secure. You can set a limit on the number of tweets and time when advertisers can use your account. The income on this platform depends on your follower base and tweet engagements.

Deal Directly with Advertisers

If you have more than 10,000 active followers and an excellent engagement on your tweets, you can skip the ad exchange programs and deal directly with the advertisers. Advertisers can engage with you in various ways. You can tweet about their products or services, write a review, give advertisers’ an access to your followers and lists at a particular time, or just post a banner on your Twitter profile for a specified period. You can also help them building a trend by retweeting their tweets and using their hashtags in your tweets. Filmmakers, celebrities, political leaders and business leaders engage with Twitter users who enjoy a good reputation. If you are a blogger, you may get additional benefits of dealing directly with advertisers by writing a paid editorial on your blog.

Be authentic and promote only high-quality products which add value to your followers. Your income is directly proportional to the trust you enjoy among your followers. Users who promote inferior products don’t sustain in the long run.

Engage with influencers and HNIs

Engaging with influencers and HNIs may not generate income immediately. However, it is beneficial in many ways. As Jim Rohn once said that “You are the average of five people you spend the most time with.” Interaction with successful people can be the most enriching experience for ambitious people.

When it comes to networking with influencers and HNIs, there is no better platform than Twitter. You can connect with them directly by tagging their Twitter handle in your tweets, replying to their tweets or retweeting their tweets. To get a favorable response from them, you need to be creative and patient. Be persistent and engage with them in the areas of their interests. Reply to them, ask relevant questions, and share your thoughts and opinion on various issues.

Email and text messages hardly generate a response. Try to expand your network through Twitter. Over time, you can leverage your network to build a successful income stream either by selling something or by connecting the people in need.

Get Freelancing or Part Time jobs on Twitter

Uber hired its first employee through Twitter who went on to become a billionaire. Many companies, especially startups use social networking sites to hire passionate people. You will also find various freelancing and part-time job opportunities on Twitter. If you are a designer, filmmaker, artist, or a copywriter, you can showcase your skills on the site by interacting with authorities in the field.

Active participation in the Twitter contests will help you getting noticed by celebrities and established brands. If you are lucky enough, you may also win exciting prizes. Apply for relevant job postings on Twitter if you are interested in working on a full-time basis.

Create a product around Twitter

It may be an irony that Twitter made its first profit only in FY 15-16. However, hundreds of entrepreneurs have become millionaires by creating products around the social networking site. Twitter offers great opportunities for developers and entrepreneurs to build innovative products that foster open communication and solve a specific problems in the field of marketing, customer service, etc.

Bottom line

Use Twitter Analytics to measure your performance and optimize your efforts accordingly. Like other businesses, creating a stable income stream from Twitter too takes time and initial efforts. You have to invest your time for at least six to twelve months and make consistent efforts to gain real traction on the platform. However, once you build the momentum, there is no looking back. You will get more than what you have given to the community.

Author’s Bio:

Anthony Bergs is a project manager at Writers Per Hour. He always keeps an eye on the marketing sector to implement the best innovations into the strategies that he builds. He’s always open for new connections and partnerships.