Looking for Work In Specialised Areas | Geek Business

We’ve all been there at one point or another – the feeling of wondering if it may be time to move on from your current job and seek a new challenge elsewhere.

Indeed, you may wish to make the move sideways, continuing in a similar job to the one you currently do, having trained up in a particular skill during your time at a company. There are occasions though where you want to face a new challenge in life, take a step in another direction, or focus on trying to break into a new industry. Does this sound familiar?

So when the time comes to move on, where do you focus your search when looking for your next potential job?

Many of us have an industry in which we specialize, or have strength in a particular skill, and throughout our careers we strive to not only perfect what we are good at but also learn things along the way.

When the time comes to move on, where do you look first? Specialised roles may not be listed where you might expect them to, so it can be worth keeping an open mind about your next role and where you should be looking for the vacancies.

Every job board that you peruse will have sections dedicated to particular industries – everything from sales and retail to engineering and marketing – and these can be an excellent resource for finding vacancies.

But there are also a number of specialist job sites for each sector, and some agencies that specialize in finding positions in certain sectors. It can be worth contacting these and making your CV known to them so they can match you to vacancies they receive.

Specialist job boards such as www.justengineers.net can come in handy for looking for your next role, but even if your background is not in engineering it’s worth having a look through their vacancies anyway as there may be work in other sectors of the same company. In addition to this, there are also many recruitment companies who will be able to find your vacancies and rolls in specific companies.

Some sectors might have a portion of their work abroad, so it can be worth broadening the search to include these as a possibility. Expat forums can be a useful resource for this as you can read of people who have made the move already.

In some industries, new roles can come about through word-of-mouth, so keeping in touch with those you’ve worked with in the past can be vital. Networking has become easier these days with services such as LinkedIn and social media systems such as Facebook.

LinkedIn is also an excellent resource for searching by industry as it allows you to search for companies that you may wish to work for, check if there are any vacancies and connect with those who you’ll need to submit applications to. It’s also a great idea to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date so that employers can find you.

This article has been written by Blue Octopus, a recruitment company who specialise in finding employment for candidates around the UK. Whether you’re looking for a job in engineering, marketing or law, Blue Octopus can help put your CV in front of many specialist companies.