10 Reasons Social Media Can Benefit Your Business

Investing in social media campaigns and a more general presence on networks can significantly benefit your business in several ways. Primarily, social media offers multiple opportunities for engaging with consumers, and for providing a consistent stream of information and high quality content for new products and services. At the same time, social media means that you can break down demographics, while also tracking the location of users and enabling you to form relationships with other businesses.

1 – Delivering Content

Social media represents a great way to spread content about your brand, and to build a dialogue with consumers; producing articles, guest posts, and Q and A sessions can help to add legitimacy to your brand, and will also provide an open way of dealing with consumers.

2 – Demographic Analysis

It’s possible to break down the number of likes and hits on social networks through tools such as Google Analytics; you can also look at the number of views for blog posts, as well as the number of Twitter or Facebook followers you have as a way of measuring your online brand loyalty.

3 – Cost Effective for Small Businesses

If you don’t have a large marketing budget, investing your time in building social media pages can be a great, cost effective way of putting yourself out into a busy market; to really stand out, though, you’ll need to regularly provide excellent content.

4 – Conversions

A social media presence can act as an important gateway to generating more conversions for your main website – this can be achieved through links from social networks to landing pages on sites, or via Pinterest images and links that encourage easy buying.

5 – Mobile Optimisation

Take advantage of online phone users by creating mobile optimised pages that will show only the most important content to users; similarly, ensure that you have options for apps that can market services to your followers.

6 – Better Search Engine Rankings

A strong social media identity will improve your search engine rankings, and should be an essential part of any Search Engine Optimisation campaigns you may be developing; the more pages and links you have on social media, the higher you’ll appear as a relevant link online.

7 – Monitoring Your Brand

If you want to get a sense of how your brand is being discussed, then social media and tools that measure sentiment analysis can pick up on positive and negative comments, and can track the popularity of hashtags.

8 – Building Connections

This means using social media as a way to form connections with other businesses; LinkedIn is particularly important, in this respect, for finding like minded groups, and for making a range of different contacts.

9 – Localisation

It’s also possible to use social media to identify local users, and to design promotions and discounts that can be specific to areas of the country and the world.

10 – Build Loyalty with Users

A consistently maintained social media presence across different networks should translate into loyalty for your brand if you can deliver users with outstanding content, as well as a forum for responding to reasonable user complaints and questions.

Liam Ohm writes about technology, from telephony solutions to social media. In his spare time he enjoys running and hosting technology seminars.