5 Less Known Social Media Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

What tools should you really use? Which ones are viable methods of helping gain popularity, business, and sales? Which applications can actually be considered important tools when it comes to designing your social media marketing strategy? There are so many tools and applications being raved about on message boards and news sites all over the internet, but not all social media marketing tools have gained the recognition they deserve. There are a lot of fantastic tools out there that no one really ever hears about. Listed below are the top five picks for less known social media marketing tools we feel are a must have for small businesses. You may find you incorporate one or all of these tools into your own social marketing strategy, and, in fact, we encourage you to do so.

1- EditFlow

EditFlow is a plugin from the major open source content management system, WordPress. It allows you to manage your entire editorial team seamlessly, without any hassle or extra work on your own behalf. The plugin allows you to get a simple to understand snapshot of your month to month content with its calendar features. Another feature offered by this neat all-in-one plugin is an improved content status over and beyond what WordPress typically offers. I would suggest that any business owner who has to manage a multi-author website use this tool. It keeps everything flowing smoothly, eliminating the stress that comes from having to manage multiple authors and their work.

2- Tweet Level

Tweet Level allows you to search for hash tags (the ever popular, easy to use Twitter feature that looks like this–> #). This search can lead you to gain insight into who you want to follow based upon conversation versus an actual person Once you decide on who you’d like to follow, you can use this neat application to measure their social influence. Another way to use Tweet Level is by evaluating the hype surrounding a specific topic in order to determine whether or not a trending subject is really worth devoting your attention to. All social media marketing experts who want glance at how well their campaign in running should use Tweet Level as a simple way to figure out just that.

3- Traackr

If you want a simplistic method of finding who the authorities of your industry are, Traackr is a must have. By identifying who the most influential people in your niche are, you can ultimately figure out how to gain the most business for you or your clients. Perhaps the most useful part about this social media marketing tool is the way you are able to see who is responding and contributing to the same type of content you are currently sharing. Advertising agencies who are looking to build and launch a successful social media marketing campaign should certainly look into this application.

4-Social Scope

Do you run your Facebook and Twitter accounts from a Black Berry phone and wish that you had a single screen application to use in order to make running those accounts easier? If this sounds like you, get Social Scope! This application has been designed specifically for Black Berry users who want an easy way to combine their two most popular social media accounts into one. The Social Scope application also has a few nifty built in features, like re-tweeting and hash tag searching. This is the closest a Black Berry user can get to desktop application and it comes highly recommended.

5- ReFollow

ReFollow is a tool that can help you lock in those Twitter users who have not only followed you, but also managed to connect with you. The application can help you to ensure you stay connected to those users. Another feature of ReFollow includes a filtering search on Twitter that allows you to uncover important insights, including- amongst other things- what you have in common with certain people who have followed you. This application could be an important social media marketing campaign tool for a person or business who is trying to create a list of qualified, like-minded people. If you value quality over quantity, that would be you.

Arlene Brill is currently working with SociaLink Media, a leading social media campaign management company based in Chicago, IL. She love to read motivational books and hiking with her dog in her spare time.