Cyber Attacks: Simple Tips That Could Save Your Business

In today’s world, business moves fast and is often highly dependent on technology. Doing business today demands fast response time, a handle on technology, and being accessible to clients past the typical nine to five workday. Handling everything your clients require involves computers, smart phones, and other technologies that can leave you and your business vulnerable to security breaches and cyber attacks. While there are lots of unscrupulous people out there waiting to attack your systems to gain access to sensitive financial and confidential information, there are some things you can do to ensure you stay safe against cyber attacks.

The First Line of Protection: Strong Passwords

Do not underestimate the power of strong passwords. Passwords that contain personal information such as birth dates, anniversaries, numbers or letters in sequence, or pet’s names are notoriously easy to crack. Strong passwords include both upper case and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers. Additionally, changing your password periodically will help keep cyber attacks at bay.

The Second Line Of Defense: Ad Blockers

Install ad blocker software on your computers and smart phones. Cyber attackers can use ads and tracking cookies to spy on you, record your keystrokes and gather and collect your private, sensitive information to hack your system and information.

The Third Line of Defense: Secured Wi-fi Hotspots

Never allow your wi-fi to be unsecured. Always require a password be used each time employees log onto your wi-fi. An unsecured wi-fi shares all information accessed on your computers and leaves you extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The Fourth Line of Defense: Use Anti Virus Software

Install, run, and regularly update anti virus software on all computers and smart phones. Cyber attackers often install viruses on unsecured systems that can collect and gather tons of information and go undetected for long periods of time. Once you realize you have a virus, it is often too late to stop it and your safety, finances, and confidential information have already been compromised.

The Fifth Line of Defense: Keep Unauthorized People Off Your Computers and Smart Phones

Allowing anyone other than authorized employees to use the company’s computers and smart phones is a recipe for disaster. Anti virus software and ad blocking software can be disabled or removed, unsafe websites can be visited, and confidential information can be compromised by installing tracking cookies or other spy ware. Flash drives can be easily inserted and all the information on your computer can be copied within minutes, allowing your confidential information to be taken off site and picked through in the privacy and comfort of someone else’s space without interruption or time constraints. Be smart, be safe, and only allow those who are authorized to use company equipment.

All the time and money you have spent building your business can be compromised in minutes by a cyber attack. Be alert and vigilant and follow these steps to ensure your company’s sensitive information is kept safe and secure. The time and money you spend ensuring these rules are followed are minimal compared to the time and money you will likely lose trying to recoup lost information and clients and will save you hassles, headaches and sleepless nights over your business’s compromised security.

Investing a little time and energy on keeping your information safe before any information is lost or compromised will save you countless hours trying to undo damage caused by a security breach. Talk with your employees and make sure they follow these tips on all company equipment and you will create a safe business system that deters cyber attacks and keeps you, your employees and your client’s information private, safe, and secure.

Andrew Deen is a writer who designs informative articles relating to business. This article offer security tips for businesses and aims to encourage further study with a Bachelor of Business Management Online.