Finding People to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a broadcast medium, Facebook and other social sites are a narrowcast format that target directly at those who are already interested followers of your brand. For brands such as The Watch Hut there is a definite upside to the use of social media as an engagement form, with Twitter offering a sea of opportunities to identify and engage with individuals and other brands, free of the netiquette that binds people on the more personal forms of social networking.

As the reach of Twitter is potentially that of the entire network, the potential to find new customers or new followers is immense, even if it means doing a little bit of leg work. The best people to engage with are of course those who are interested in your company and share values and aspirations with the brand. Luckily there are sites available to sort the wheat from the chaff.


Followerwonk is a product of the webmaster tools company SEOMOZ and takes a similar approach to find the best networking opportunities. The site allows you to rank followers by their influence level using a similar measurement system to that found in Klout.

The site can be used in reverse to find influential people in your field. If you can strike up a relationship with these individuals you will see your own ranking rise as the algorithm within the site will see these connections as proof of your relevance to others.

The site can also compare you with your competitors to allow you to adjust a number of your strategies to increase engagement.

If Followerwonk is too technical for you and you are simply looking to find people, use the Twtrland website available online at The site allows the end user to find users by location, username or hash tag.

Simply search for the subject you are interested in (for The Watch Hut for example this might be watches, motorsport or a number of others) then approach your chosen target with relevant content.

The site offers a few stats but, it more focused on the purpose of making friends


One often overlooked service for finding potential contacts is actually built right in to the Twitter web site. To use this simply type a keyword in to the search bar at the top of the page and look through the people who are also using that keyword.

You will be surprised at exactly who you can pick up by using this inbuilt tool.

This search tool will throw up some usual results as it is also showing recent texts alongside the more expected results from big names.

Whatever method you used to find your followers, remember to reach out and have fun entertaining and interacting with your new followers.

Rather than searching for friends, there is another way of attracting followers to your account. Take the opportunity to include your social networking information in your advertising. it’s a relatively low cost method of promotion, and will allow you to talk to the potential customers without running up additional marketing bills.

Rich Jarrott is a copywriter for The Watch Hut, one of the UK’s best known specialist online retailers. Alongside his day job of writing great content about watch brands and watch wearing superstars, he also writes technical blogs based on his findings as he ventures across the internet’s more technical backwaters.