How Prompt Customer Service Can Increase Sales

If you’d like to learn how to improve gift shop retail sales, one of the best methods for doing so is by providing prompt customer service. Customer service is simply the process of acknowledging your customer’s concerns. You can put fancy processes in place, but the simple act of listening to customers is probably the most effective.

In this tight economy, word of mouth and customer retention are likely two of the most powerful revenue generators. There are three areas of customer service that every business can measure and improve:

Listen to Your Customers

Listening to your customer’s concerns has never been more important or easier. Most complaints can be successfully addressed by acknowledging the customer’s concerns. Everyone likes to be heard. It’s important to take the time to listen to customers.

Listening is an extremely important form of personal contact. There are free automated tools that can help you expand your reach to 24/7 monitoring of your brand and company. The process is easy and painless. Online listening can be integrated into your customer service models. This is essential since most customers rarely take the time to address someone personally. They’d prefer to share their opinions using the relative anonymity of online social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Respond to Your Customers

Listening matters because it lets customers know they are valued. Listening is a powerful tool by itself. Responding is the second piece of the puzzle involved in validating customer issues and complaints. If you listen without responding, this can be a bigger liability than simply ignoring customers.

When a customer initiates the complaint process, they don’t want to just be heard. They want an answer from you. It’s important to provide a positive answer during the process to ensure that your customers feel valued and appreciated. Sometimes the response can be a simple as providing a discount or additional free service. Whatever it is, it should demonstrate how important the customer’s satisfaction is to you.

Offer Your Customers Information

Information is about providing direction for customers. It’s about making it easier for customers to be informed purchasers. You can do this by providing comprehensive FAQs about purchases and concerns, providing buyer education, and visibly listing appropriate contact information and hours of operation. It’s about anticipating customer concerns and delivering the best possible buying experience.

People have been trained to be dissatisfied customers by the implementation of complicated processes and automated processes. Customers want a live person to talk to about their problems and concerns. They don’t want to just be shuttled to the appropriate department. Make sure you point of sale materials and your websites solve customer issues. Also, don’t be afraid to ask customers if you’ve solved their problems or answered their questions fully.

Here’s something to take with you. Providing customer service isn’t about getting customers to buy your product and shuttling them out the door with a pretty piece of retail packaging. This is the end result of an investment you make throughout the process. To improve your customer service you should analyze your current policies and ask yourself why these are in place and how you can improve them to better serve your customers.

Your customers should walk away feeling as if they’ve gotten a great deal and been serviced by people who appreciate them. They want to be recognized as the reason why a company exists. If your customers aren’t getting this from you, chances are, they’ll find a way to get it somewhere else. Make sure you’re the someone that your customers want to turn to and you’ll watch your sales continue to increase exponentially.

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