What Defines Good Project Management?

The word “project management” may sometimes sound puzzling, especially for those who’ve never experienced doing tasks with a group. To others, the term could mean doing “everything and nothing, all at once”. And with the economy picking up after the previous recession, almost every firm or organization today has a lot of projects to do, from new home construction to new retail outlet openings, and new product/service promotion campaigns. Let’s take a peek at what defines “good” project management.

What Are The Tasks Of A Project Manager?

A project manager focuses on an important project details like initiation, execution, monitoring, controlling and closing. The project manager must also be able to draw inputs and knowledge from areas like Scope, Cost, Quality, Procurement, Human Resources, Communications, Risk Management and Integration, in order for him/her to make the activity a seamless and efficient one.

What Are The Traits Of A Good Project Manager?

According to the workforce and productivity experts, a good project manage should possess, as well as embody, certain positive traits. First, he/she must have a natural or inherent leadership or command skills. This means that they won’t need to enlist the help of others, if only to stamp their authority within the project management team. They must also have tons of optimism, as well as possess the quick-sifting skill and abilities, to enable them to know which task to focus on, and what to ignore.

They should also have the skill to observe frequently, and re-evaluate project priorities. Good project managers also know how to ask good questions, as well as listen to their stakeholders, and care about the opinions of others involved too. Good project managers also do not use information as a weapon for controlling, or hurting, others. Instead, the information should be used for enhancing the efficiency, and morale of the whole project management team. Lastly, good project managers must possess not just generic management skills, but also in-depth familiarity in multiple fields of work.

How Is Success Measured In Project Management?

An efficient project management team’s success can often be gauged from the reaction of the client, or customer. A customer/client would be happy with the project team if they are able to deliver on-time, and every aspect adheres to the agreed-upon scope, quality and budget. Another hallmark of a successful project management team is the morale and health of the team’s members. If the manager is able to complete a project, and yet his staff or supervisors are burnt-out, then this could mean that the available resources have not been properly managed or used, or there could be something wrong with how the team was handled.

Good project management can also be defined by the overall quality of the work done. Was the project team competent on all aspects, from planning to communication, procurement, quality control, risk management and integration of resources? And was the project delivered to the standards and quality as required by the organization, or client? And while no project management is free from encountering any problems, or road blocks, the important thing is that if there’s a good team in place, then there would certainly be “safety nets”, or standard operating processes established, in order for the team to handle any untoward contingency or incident effectively.

Joel Parkinson is a writer for the web site projectmanager.com, where he has recently been researching project management software. In his spare time, Joel enjoys surfing and running.