5 Hot Startups To Follow On Twitter

For people who love business, there’s nothing quite as exciting as watching a startup develop. What once was an idea floating around in some entrepreneur’s head is now all too real, complete with staff, a business plan, and a fancy-looking website.

If you want a front row seat to a startup’s rocket ride from small fries to big player in the industry, your best bet is to subscribe to their Twitter feed. From there, you’ll get every little update as they take each step towards becoming “The Next Big Thing.”

Here are five feeds to follow so you can can say, “I knew that company when they were small.”

1) Instant Checkmate

If you have an arrest record, ever got married, or even just have a birth certificate, your public records can be viewed by anybody. Instant Checkmate is all about making it easy for folks to get access to publicly available information. In a few clicks you can have unfettered access to their massive database of public records, and even check out your neighbor’s mugshot if they ever spent a night in jail. See how they develop through their Twitter account.

2) Total Immersion

In the future, people won’t just use technology, they will be completely immersed in an alternate reality with technology. This paradigm shift will have huge impacts on how we work, play videogames, and even how we live our everyday lives. Total Immersion is on the forefront of this change by developing incredible augmented reality ideas and devices. Subscribe to their Twitter feed to get an idea of what using computers will be like 20 years from now.

3) Xing

If you want to connect with other business professionals online in America, you can use LinkedIn. But what should you do if you want to build up your professional network on the other side of the Atlantic? Xing is gearing up to be the go-to social network for careerists in Europe. Subscribe to their Twitter feed to see their progress.

4) Lyft

Need a ride? Then Lyft has a perfect app for you. Just enter your destination, and a Lyft driver (an average person who has been DMV-screened) will be around shortly to pick you up and drive you to wherever you want for a fee. The cool new business has car rental and taxi cab companies scrambling. They are currently only in San Francisco, but they plan on expanding in other markets.  Subscribe to their Twitter feed to see where they’ll pop up next.

5) Peek

So you’ve booked your dream vacation to either Hawaii or San Francisco, but you’re not quite sure what to do once you actually arrive. Peek is a new app that allows you to easily browse through awesome things to do, and then build an itinerary that will give you memories for a lifetime. Plans are already underway to expand to new destinations and new activities, so subscribe to their Twitter account to witness how they build out.

Watch Them Grow

Since startups are still finding their footing, it’s always a joy to watch how they change direction, try new things, and figure out how to grow in the marketplace. Following the Twitter feed of growing startups is an education for aspiring business owners and a joy for anyone who likes watching a company take shape.

Steven Bright is a blogger living Los Alamos, CA.  He specializes in writing about social media and business.