Creating a Money Making Email List

There are many people that struggle to make a stable income online. I actually quit my job a year ago to spend all my time making money through internet marketing and I have realized that the professional marketers use some pretty simple methods. I would like to lay out one of these techniques today that is used by many professionals that are turning a huge profit. Not even will you be able to make money, you will be able to sleep at night and not worry about the next Google update that is surely on its way.

If you are after a stable income online, then you simply must build an email list. With an email list you will not have to worry about getting traffic from search engines while making money every month. In order to understand the technique I will show, we need to define the terms of the trade.

The Squeeze Page

The only purpose of the squeeze page is to capture the email and name of the visitor to your site. This page will allow you to build up your list. It is not only important to build a good list, but to build a solid relationship with the list. The squeeze page is the first chance you will get to do that. Later on you will market products and offers to this list.

The Auto Responder

Simply put, an auto responder is going to send a message to anyone that signs up to your list automatically. The message you send them will be generic and sent instantly on signup.

Self Liquidating Offer

You are going to be spending money on ads to drive visitors to your squeeze page. The self liquidating offer, or SLO is used to make all that money back and sometimes more.


A conversion is a person that chooses to opt in to your email list. The better the squeeze page, the better your conversion rate will be. If you have a better conversion rate, your list will grow much faster.

Now that you should have an understanding of each concept, the general idea of how to build up a nice list is pretty simple. You want to make money right? Good, the goal of building the list is to market to this list and make sales. If you look at the average earnings in the industry, you will get around $1 for each subscriber on your list. To get these subscribers, you will be buying solo ads that will bring visitors to your squeeze page. $0.35 per click on these ads is the average that you will be spending on these types of ads. When the visitors land on your squeeze page and opt in, they will be directed to your SLO. Now if you have a good SLO and some of the clicks decent to buy your self liquidating offer, you will make the money you spent on ads back.

If this sounds hard, I have decided to step you through the process.

  • Step 1: You will need to find a product that you are going to promote. I have found CBengine to be a great place to look up products. Find something that is professional and has high gravity. Watch some videos on the product you choose and write down key points that these videos are using to sell.
  • Step 2: Time to make a squeeze page! To save money and time, I like to use free tools such as You are going to want to add a nice video as well as the key points you wrote down in the previous step to this page. Make it look nice.
  • Step 3: In this step, you will want to set up an auto responder for your list. I like to use Aweber and they will only charge you $1 for the first month that you use them. Set up a web form in Aweber and take the HTML code of the form. You will then take this HTML code over to your squeeze page and past it in there. Be sure to test out the squeeze page to make sure that the auto responder is working correctly before you drive your traffic. It would be a shame to drive traffic and the auto responder was not working.
  • Step 4: Time to drive traffic! In order to this, we will not even think about Google. Instead, buying solo ads is the way to go. To find some ads, you can check out Pick low offers to start out to get the best bang for your buck. The key is to test offers to find which are working best for driving traffic that converts.
  • Step 5: Check on your list every day and see how how your offer is doing. Cloak your links and make sure you are making some sales to cover the cost of the ads you are buying.

Professionals in the business are using this simple technique every single day. You should too! If you take the time to go through these steps correctly and pick good offers, there is no reason you can not start making money online. Just make sure to build a solid relationship with your list and do not spam them! No one likes spam!

This article was written by Neil. Neil is a student, music lover, computer hobbyist, and blogger. If you want to set up a website to build your list, take advantage of this hostmonster coupon.