Five Ways You Can Tell You’re The Next Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar’s abilities as a business leader have led to unfathomable levels of success not only in the business world, but also on the television screen. This has led to him becoming a role model for young people keen to take their first steps on the path to becoming an entrepreneur.

While the diversity of personality is one of the things we cherish about business, there are a number of traits which one must have in order to see even just a fraction of Alan Sugar’s success.

Here, we take a look at five such traits.

1. Leadership

The ability to lead a team of individuals is perhaps the most important aspect of being a successful entrepreneur. Ideas may set you on your way but it is the ability to communicate these ideas clearly to a team, and to see that they are carried out in the desired manner which sets the cream of the crop apart.

An awareness of each team member’s role is essential, as is the ability to intervene and offer key advice and feedback when it matters most.

2. Innovation

Some businesses survive off the success of others, but these are not the ones which make the biggest splash and change the direction of industry for the better. Innovation is a key part to the success of an entrepreneur, demonstrating their ability to be the first to adopt successful products and schemes.

3. Knowing The Detail

Many bosses make the decision to leave smaller matters down to their employees, having little idea themselves of the intricacies of their own company. More successful leaders will see that their staff have everything they need to do their jobs properly, from having the best accountancy software such as Sage One Cashbook to the small details of the office which ensure staff’s well being.

4. Decisiveness

At the top, pressure can build quickly as the movements of a vast staff group reach a bottleneck. Effective management is all about being decisive. Leaders will be able to filter information in order to make an informed decision in a short space of time.

5. People Skills

No matter how strong a product or service may be, it’s near impossible to make a go of it if the people in charge aren’t good with people. From the staff that you hire and with whom you’ll work on a daily basis, to the customers you meet – making a good impression is of utmost importance.