How to Get Into the Online Marketing Industry

The online marketing industry is constantly growing and as such offers some great employment opportunities. If you’re one of those wondering how to get into the online marketing industry, here’s some tips and advice to get you started.

Be Willing to Learn

If you’re serious about getting into online marketing then, to begin with, it’s all about learning. Online resources, books, college courses and work placements are just some of the ways you can enhance your knowledge about online marketing. If you have a detailed knowledge of Office Suites, web browsers or Photoshop, for example, this can greatly improve your chances of getting taken on by a marketing company. Take a look in your local library for educational books. You can learn all kinds of new skills, simply with the aid of a good book and a computer. To learn internet marketing techniques, you can also go online and see everyday examples of how internet marketing techniques are undertaken, such as Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). By doing this, you will also keep up with the latest developments in online marketing.

Work Placements and your CV

One way to gain practical marketing experience is through gaining a work placement with an online marketing company. You can find out about any employment opportunities by contacting certain marketing companies directly. It’s essential to have a CV and you should make it the best CV possible. You may think that having no practical experience puts you at a complete disadvantage. However, you can make up for any lack of practical experience by showing you have a great attitude, personality and, above all, a willingness to learn. Try to convey this through your CV. In some cases companies offer placements to people without experience to help them get into industry such as The Web Design Group:

Adapt your CV for each Marketing Company and Roll

Make out a list of online marketing company websites and get a feel of what they’re looking for when it comes to new employees. Not just in terms of skills but personality. When you’re getting in touch with them, highlight those aspects of yourself which correspond to what they’re looking for. Adapt your CV accordingly for each marketing company. It may mean more work in the short-term but this can certainly pay off in the long-term.

Remember, once you know how to get into the online marketing industry and then become a permanent part of it, you’ll never stop learning. That’s because online marketing is evolving all the time and you should be ready to evolve with it by learning new skills all the time. By doing that, you should have always job opportunities within the online marketing industry not just for the present but for the foreseeable future.

Mathew Porter has over 8 years industry experience and has worked for a variety of Agencies and Retailers in House, developing a wide skill set and knowledge base of various online technologies and disciplines.

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