Increasing Traffic Through Off-Line Promotion

Social media and online promotion has its undeniable benefits, but so do offline methods that often get overlooked. A loyal fan base is pivotal to any burgeoning blog because, though perhaps small, this is the group of people that will frequently comment and share your content with others. By interacting face-to-face rather than monitor to monitor, you provide potential readers with a tangible individual with which they can connect.

Today I want to show you how you can increase your traffic through off-line promotion right from the comfort of your community. What you need to understand is that each method has its ups and downs, so try one method first and then move onto the next. This will provide the experience and results that you can learn from.

Off-line Promotional Methods

Word Of Mouth Marketing

There are several ways to get word of mouth marketing, starting with your simple, everyday conversations. You already spend time talking with other people, now you need to do it with your website in mind. The only way to get word of mouth started is to get people to know about what you have to offer. It is recommended that you mention your website to at least 2 new people each day.

Ask People To Spread The Word – Did you know the fastest way to get word of mouth started is to ask people to spread the word? Most people don’t ask, but asking really is simple to do. It takes 5 seconds and it could bring you ample traffic for months to come.

Hand Out Cards – Handing out business cards is normally done with local businesses, however, websites can benefit from this tactic as well. When you hand out a business card you would normally explain to the person what makes your blog unique and why it might interest him or her individually.

Promotional Giveaways

Giving a promotional item away is something that many companies have been doing for a long time. The best part about promotional giveaways is that people will remember the website better than they would if they were to receive a card or something else. Furthermore, if others see the recipient using the swag, this is treated like a silent endorsement of your blog and may spark curiosity. Do yourself a favor and give away a promotional gift that your readers will find value in. You can find both traditional and nontraditional promotional gifts at stores like Pinnacle Promotions or Crestline. Below are a few options for choosing the right gift:

Calendars – The reason I recommend giving away a calendar is because people keep them. The best time to give away a calendar is at the end of the year for the following year when people are more likely keep them. You can always use another calendar, whether it be at home, or at the office. Humor is especially attractive and eye-catching, so put a smile on someone’s face rather than providing a dime-a-dozen visual of serene nature.

IPhone Cases – Did you know that one in every four people have an IPhone? Providing an item that the majority of people will use greatly increases the opportunity to catch a quick glimpse of your logo and website URL. However, nobody is going to walk around with a case that has a huge logo on it. The logo and website should not be overbearing; a little design with some info at the bottom should do the trick.

T-shirts – While hardly groundbreaking, t-shirts are a wonderful play to generate buzz for your blog. Graphic design shirts are more popular than ever and, if you provide the articles of clothing with flattering fits and attractive artwork, your fans will be more than happy to wear the shirts day after day. Instead of merely having the name of the blog displayed, pique curiosity and clue viewers into what the blog is all about with a strategically designed aesthetic.


While commenting on another blogger’s page and occasionally tweeting at him/her might build some semblance of familiarity, a true relationship is built offline. Therefore, always seize opportunities to network with others in your niche as well as enthusiasts.

Join a Networking Group – I love networking groups. The reason I am so fond of networking groups is because they always include a very diverse group of people. Each one of them could potentially send you thousands of visitors over the course of a couple months. If you are interested in joining a networking group, I would recommend searching around your city for the proper place. Websites like Meetup can help you find the perfect group for your specific genre.

Conventions – For many bloggers, conventions are a dream come true. They can meet like minded individuals, learn new tips of the trade, exchange ideas and, most importantly, foster working relationships! When you meet people at conventions, make sure to keep in touch afterwards and demonstrate genuine interest in your new friends’ endeavors. They’re more likely to view you as a friend rather than a stranger or competitor, and the two of you can help each other out on various fronts.

Take Speaking Commitments – Being asked to share your experience with a room full of eager listeners is not only great exposure, but it helps to paint you as an authority. Depending on your specific field of interest, there may be bountiful opportunities at local universities, fan clubs and more. Make it clear to readers that you are available for such engagements, and don’t be afraid to be the one who initiates the conversation with various institutions and organizations.

When it comes to off-line promotion, it is imperative that you stick with it. Whether you see success right away or not doesn’t matter, what matters is that you see long term success. So give it a try and keep moving forward.

Adam Snyder is the creator of He has been in the blogging industry for the past 5 years and has create more than 200 websites.