Innovative Ways That Businesses Are Using the iPad

As a technology lover and iPad fanatic (I practically live on my iPad), I am no stranger to the innovative ways people use iPads in their personal lives. I use mine for reading, writing, communicating, buying shoes (yeah, yeah, guilty), and even to fling some pissed off birds at random objects. But lately, I’ve started seeing iPads pop up more in restaurants, stores, and offices. I started to get curious as to how businesses are using these devices to serve themselves and their customers, and here is what I found.

Who Needs a Cash Register?

iPads offer businesses a way to replace large, clunky, and hard to use cash registers. The iPad can be used to process credit cards, manage cash drawers, and even print receipts. It’s also a lot cheaper than an expensive register system.

Product Displays

These days you’ve probably been to a store of some type where you were greeted with bright and shiny iPads that had interactive product displays and descriptions on them. Placed strategically, this innovative new way to display products can show videos and pictures of the product in action as well as the price.

Scheduling Conference Rooms

Busy offices are using a variety of scheduling apps to display conference room schedules on iPads and to streamline the process of scheduling the rooms for use and even email meeting room schedules and meeting reminders to employees. Double-booked meeting rooms? A thing of the past.

Time Clocks

Lost time cards that have to be replaced mean extra money spent by any business. Accidents and punch-in errors mean incorrectly tracked hours. Enter time clock apps on the iPad which eliminate both problems. Place it near an entrance or in an employee lounge for maximum efficiency.

Customer Surveys

Place the iPads around your store with customer feedback surveys on them. If they’re already right there in front of them and easy to interact with, customers are more likely to fill them out. It’s more efficient than mass emails that rarely get opened, better than annoying pop-ups on websites, and customers need only take a few moments to complete it.

Restaurant Wait Lists

Clumsy paper lists where people can accidentally be skipped over? Not anymore! Use an iPad app to manage your list for you and even send texts to customers when their table has opened up.

There are a lot of ways that offices, stores, and restaurants are finding to utilise iPads. These innovative uses are making their businesses more efficient, easier to manage, better able to serve customers, and even more desirable places for customers to work. The next time you enter a store or a restaurant (or your favorite local coffee shop), look around you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you start to notice more and more of them fielding iPads in a range of strategic locations, not only for the reasons listed above, but also for a range of new and inventive purposes. If you use iPads in your business, make sure you visit to find out how you can protect your valuable devices!

Laura Ginn is a professional blogger and iPad savant. She regularly writes on technology issues and is practically tethered to her iPad so this is one topic she’s passionate about!