Office Stationary is Still Needed Even in This Computer Dominated Age

As much discussion as there has been in recent years about the ‘paperless desk’, the reality is that, as almost anybody who has ever walked into an office will be able to vouch for, the average office is showing no sign of living up to that ideal any time soon!

And besides, why would you necessarily even want to have an office that was devoid of paper? After all, even the most IT-dominated office environment can be made more functional and efficient with the help of some well-chosen simple stationery.

The truth is that there’s much more to choosing the right office stationery than merely investing in some staples and paperclips, and even suddenly finding yourself short of something as simple as some binders or printer paper can hamper your productivity to a surprisingly great extent.

Of all the office stationary items that are available to buy, paper is surely the most obvious. And Paper comes in all different shapes and sizes,and different thicknesses depending on the intended use. It’s this stuff that you’ll need to have plenty of in your printer when there’s that vital business document that needs to be printed off. You may use paper to make random notes, among many other possible functions. There are note pads, books and post notes all available depending the use you are looking for.

Alternatively, you may be in need of items with which to write, such as ball pens, fountain pens, markers and highlighters and of course, many of these are useless without certain associated accessories such as a whiteboard or two.

Other must-have stationery items for your office include files and folders, which are invaluable for storing everything from legal documents to employee records. You have the choice of considering everything from lever arch files and ring binders to plastic wallets and box files

Once you’ve purchased those, in such a deadline-dominated environment as an office, you’ll probably then want to consider those business supplies that are so invaluable in helping office employees to keep to their schedules, such as diaries and calendars.

And of course, there are so many other examples of office stationery that you may or may not also be required to purchase, including everything from small desk calculators for the rapid working out of vital sums, to envelopes in which to send those all-important documents.

Keith Dolby is a freelance writer currently working with East 2 Eden, one of the UK’s leading homeware and gift retailers.