Stand Out from the Competition with a 0800 Number

Want to stand out from the other businesses or shops in your niche? Its actually easier than you might think. Get a 0800 number from a company like City Numbers and your business will soon be head and shoulders above the rest. Here are a few reasons why:

#1: You’ll look more professional.

Even if your business is brand new and only about a month old, we all know how critical it is to put that professional, best foot forward at all times. In today’s world it is easier than ever. With an 0800 number, your customers can easily and conveniently reach you to place an order or inquire about your products and services. Why, your company will look like some of the more well-established companies that you’ve known about and heard of for many of years.

#2: Your company will seem bigger.

This is another top reason to get a 0800 number. Many are starting their own businesses, some from small offices or even from home in a small office. But everyone wants to look like a bigger company. With a 0800 number, your company will easily seem larger – without your need for adding more square footage to the office space. Best of all the cost of the 0800 number is quite budget friendly, especially compared to some of the other business improvements you can make.

#3: It shows you really care about your customers.

Offering a 0800 number is a top way to show you care about your customers and want to offer them efficient and convenience when they choose to do business with you. So whether they are placing an order or if they are calling with an inquiry about your products, calling on an 0800 number means this is a toll-free call for them. It is typically a small price to pay to offer excellent customer service – and to encourage repeat business.

#4: A 0800 can help boost sales.

Giving a 0800 number to your customers may encourage more sales. Think for a moment – if a potential customer has two businesses with similar products to call, and one offers a 0800 number and another doesn’t – which do you think they’ll call? Quite likely they’ll call the one with the 0800 number. Having one makes you seem more polished and professional and prepared to take large sales. It makes you seem like a serious business.

#5: It is an easy way to “boost” your business image.

It used to be that getting a 0800 number was a time-consuming and quite tedious task. Today it is much easier to get one! Just about any business that would like a 0800 number can get one easily and quickly. Best of all, this is a cost-effective business choice to help boost your image in the minds of your customers and also the business community. We’ve mentioned how it will make you seem more ready to receive bigger sales orders and help you stand out from the competition. Any business would welcome these advantages, and isn’t it great to know that you can have these right at your fingertips for a budget friendly price?

Choose a 0800 from City Numbers for your business – and watch how your business stands out from the competition!