The Coolest Websites Attracting Users by Offering Unique Features

With the Internet age, nothing is too far away from the common man. Either you want to socialize with all your friends on a common networking platform or get services done, there are a plethora of things you can do on the World Wide Web that was earlier unheard of. Talking about services alone, there are websites offering some really cool and unique services that can make your life even simpler. These services may be anything right from preparing a lawful will for you without having to incur any legal expenditure or getting digital signatures for corporate work. Right from personal to professional work, these websites will do everything they can to make your life simpler. Let us have a look: This website is apt for those, who need to be ready with their term papers every now and then and wished they had an application that could easily format the text in APA or MLA formats and generate the required citations. All a person needs to do is enter the name of a book or of the author and automatically will generate the citation needed. If one knows the URL, it is even better since merely giving the date on which the file has been accessed will generate the citation. With the average youngster spending a large part of his time on the internet, it is of little doubt that even the idiot box is making a lunge for this. Now anyone with an active internet connection can watch online television and see innumerable channels at the click of a mouse. In case if someone has a digital connection and needs to pay for watching certain TV channels, he can watch them absolutely free of cost on the online TV websites. If that is not enough, there are millions of TV shows, documentaries, short films and movies of various genres stored in archives. This website clearly has all it takes to make the perfect business card for your business. While you can make customized business cards for yourself and various other employees and can print them, there are various others services offered by the website including Facebook cards, Mini cards, postcards, labels, postcards and various other accessories. Why should you invest your hard earned money in getting services to make your company’s thumbnail from a web designer when you can do it yourself with the help of this website? Well with, all you need to do is register yourself with the website, select a picture that can be of any regular size and that is it! Your thumbnail will be ready in a few seconds.

VintageJs: In case you are one of those people with retro written all over you, the VintageJs is the best website that can very well edit any of your regular pictures to give it the perfect vintage effect. What’s more? You can share the vintage pictures with all your friends through popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Gumroad: In case you want to sell your goods digitally, Gumroad is one of the best websites that can give you the service of selling any of your digital goods online. All you will be required to do is place the item that you need to sell, give a link of value, share it with other Gumroad users and once you start getting orders, sell the goods and start earning money. This is as good as any other online selling platform.

If you are an individual who need the help of these services for personal work, you can take the help of these websites to get any service done at the click of a mouse without having to leave the home whereas in case you are a company, these services will ensure that the cost associated with production, advertising, selling or distribution of the manufactured goods is reduced significantly.