Top Apps to Help Your Project Manager

It’s amazing how apps have completely changed the way we approach our workday. Finding ways to maximize our productivity is a never-ending task, yet apps have become the uber- necessary addition to automate time-sapping chores. They allow us to accomplish more, maximize our potential, and let’s not forget, simplify our lives. Project managers who have recently graduated with a degree in organizational leadership are using productivity applications on a small scale, and in order to fully exploit the benefits, you should constantly review what’s available;

1. Turn your iPad into a scanner for your documents

The title is quite unambiguous. Many people are unaware of just how valuable that iPad or iPhone really has become. You probably have not noticed but your iPhone or iPad has the capability to scan documents. This is very useful when you are working out of your office and you do not have a scanner on hand.

Genius Scanner More corrects the angle of view and refines the quality of the documents you scan with the built-in camera on your iPad. This reduces the wasted time trying to maneuver the best shot.

Simply save your images in a JPEG or PDF format, and then export them directly to online venues like Google Docs. This also makes it easy for co-workers to access the work without waiting for your return.

After having scanned the document, you can save your iPad files, or share it socially, immediately via your various social networks.

2. Create mind maps with iThoughtsHD

Sometimes we all have great ideas at random times. The challenge is often to seize it and work on it immediately, wherever you are. If you are a mobile worker, the probability that your best ideas come to you when you’re not in the office is even greater.

If you have trouble organizing your thoughts and ideas in a coherent order, take a look at iThoughtsHD. It’s a great mind-mapping tool to help you organize your ideas when thinking visually.

Previous versions of your mind maps are saved automatically, so that you can always revert to a previous map. Once you’re done, you can easily export your map in a variety of formats like PDF and the mind-manager.

3. Access your desktop from your iPad

To view your documents when you travel you probably use software such as Dropbox or Google Docs; however, access to software and files installed on your computer at home or at the office is more difficult.

Thanks to a creative iPad app, Splashtop Remote Desktop, you’ll experience a lot less panic with forgotten files. With this application you can use Word, Excel or any other software as if you were in the office.

This practice saves you the cost and time required to repurchase and reinstall your desktop software (such as Microsoft Word) on your iPad. It also allows you to edit existing documents that reside on remote servers, so you never need to worry about copying files to take with you.

It’s worth noting, the New York Times described this app as “both a major breakthrough and a bargain.”

For decades, we’ve come up with intricate ways of getting the most out of the least, and productivity is always a key issue. Apps lighten the load. These three are just a sampling of effective tools that keep project managers connected and help maximize the work day.

Trisha Vivona is a freelance writer and social media talent valuing innovation, hard work, and a relentless approach to creating value for clients and stakeholders. She can be reached on Twitter.