What To Expect From Retail Design Consultants

Designs, colours and layouts matter. They are critical for a store’s success. Long ago, it was the shop owner himself who would arrange the products. If he got it right, the business would reflect that. Then after, came the interior designers. They would re-arrange everything from homes, offices and exhibition halls.

When the criteria grew higher and people became more design conscious it was time to call in a retail design consultant who would help with ensuring that the sales experience would be just as sweet as the product itself.  These professionals focused their studies and work on perfecting the art of retail layout. It’s more of a science actually; a subject that involved everything from human psychology to security.

Can’t I do this on my own?

Of course you can. But you must be well versed with all aspects of the retail experience. It starts from the store front design where the customer is lured in, to making him or her, a regular client. The clients must be so pleased with their purchase experience that they will not shy to refer your business to their friends and family. If you’re able to do achieve, you have no need of a retail design consultant.

What do professional Retail Design Consultants bring to the table?

Objective Advice and Experience

Rather than let the equipment suppliers tell you how the retail layout ought to be, having a reputed paid design consultant will give you access to latest designs and unbiased information that impacts the bottom line.  Their reputation hangs on line with their every work. So, they’ll make sure to give you good workable advice that has been honed from their years in the industry.

Improvement in Sales

If the design looks absolutely perfect, but sales still remain flat, then the design consultant has not fulfilled his obligation. With each design improvement, we have to expect an increase in turnover or a decrease in costs. The overall efficiency of the work flow and customer relations must be uplifted to a better dimension. The consultant should advice on promotions, merchandising, positioning, layout and even choosing an appropriate store location. There’ll be some who specialize still further. It depends on your requirements.

Once you’ve set a particular theme or design, it will be very difficult to change it. So, take advice before venturing into a set framework. A good design consultant will always work with you all the way. After all, it is your store and elements of your personality will be infused into the design of the place. The consultant will work to harmonize all factors and bring out a design both pleasant to work and shop in.

Customers hopping in to the store need to be guided, automatically, and this is done through design. They need to feel safe and comfortable being there and while making a purchase decision. Thus, design consultants always go for open layouts, de-cluttered interiors with maximum visibility and allows for other pleasures like sweet smells and soothing music.

Remember, we’ve always been advised to copy the successful, to be successful. All high end malls and retail outlets employ reputed retail design consultants. That’s why everyone including you and me, love to go there and just wish we had the ability to purchase more. Don’t you want your customers to feel the same way when enter through the doors of your establishment?

Always check relevant experience and expertise of any consultant you wish to contract. As this is not a regulated industry, name, reputation and ability to deliver are the things you must factor in your selection.

Susan Cassidy is a freelance blogger and copywriter based in Dublin, Ireland. She writes on behalf of several Irish businesses including Lafferty Architects Dublin.