Window Display Marketing – Just Like a Landing Page

How does a store owner get customers to approach their store? There are many ways to boost business and attract customers and if you have the advantage of a window display it’s vital that you take full advantage. Some tests have shown that by renovating the external appearance of a storefront, sales can increase by over 40%.

Your Real Life Home Page
Think of a storefront as the homepage of a website. When people first see the site they initially judge the business by the homepage. Store windows are a big part of a physical businesses homepage and should be designed with the target audience in mind. Store owners must use various forms of market research to pin point their target audience then design accordingly.

The importance of engaging consumer’s mental imagery is a marketing step that must not be ignored. When consumers are strolling down the street they judge businesses on their appearance. The appearance of a storefront is the second most important component of a successful business behind location.

Photoxpress_17765903Making the most of a shop front is an affordable way to make a difference in a business. Other forms of advertising may be effective as well but much more costly. Blanket marketing is marking using big expensive advertisements reaching out to a broad audience. When dealing with small businesses and storefronts storeowners should avoid these broad marketing plans and focus more on targeting a specific audience. Designing a window display is affordable, simple and allows you to directly attract the target audience.

Stick to a Theme

Firstly, creating an overall theme is necessary. The store owner must choose a theme and stick to it, as to not confuse the potential customers. Well thought out lighting is another plus. Items in the display window, which should be featured,could have a spotlight on them or be creatively raised onto different visual planes. Assorted visual planes bring different elements and depths to the display. The store owner wants passers by to be intrigued by the displays design, stop in their tracks and ultimately go into the store.

Add a Sprinkle of Technology

Thanks to technology there are many new and interesting ways to attract customers using display windows and outdoor advertising. Research has shown that music being played in a store is equally as important as the visual design. Whispering window is a newly developed technology. It allows music and sound to be played literally from the windows glass. Instead of having clunky speakers, the windowpane itself plays sound. Subtle sound is proven to intrigue customers and draw them into a store.

A UK media group found through a study that entertainment and leisure businesses have benefited the most using outdoor advertising including window displays, billboards and other creative forms of outdoor media over the past decade. Fashion and accessory businesses can easily benefit from this powerful marketing tool.Placing physical products in the display window, such as clothing items or accessories, instantly involves the passing by consumer in browsing your products.

Effects of the physical environment on human behavior are great. Physical stores must take atmosphere into consideration when trying to increase sales. Creating a successful display window is one affordable way to improve the atmosphere of a shop.

Article by Jessica Josh who writes about clothing and reviews companies like Indigo8 fashion design software

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