Print Blank Checks in QuickBooks Using MICR Fonts


Don’t think you can print those checks in QuickBooks without the odd electronic symbols present at the bottom of modern day checks. Today’s modern banking system makes use of computerized scanners to read checks with MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) fonts to encode bank routing and account information in machine-readable format at the bottom of the check. If you are printing blank checks in a QuickBooks software, you will come across the need to add the MICR font to your equipment to print checks that can be scanned by the banks receiving them. Although some banks have tried Optical Character Reading (OCR), it led to scanning errors in the past. Thus, the MICR font and ink mechanism not only encodes vital information in code and in magnetic ink has become the standard method to pass on that information along electronically as the check makes its way through the banking system (Source: check printing from Troy Group).

What You Will Need

Not only is the MCIR font important to install within your LaserJet, but you will also need to get the right MICR ink and paper. Checks that are printed with MICR font information are passed through scanners in multiple banks en route to its final destination. If the paper is too thin or the ink is not right, the strip of information on the bottom of the check will lose information and can cause errors in the system. Make sure to get your supplies form a reputable MICR 3rd party vendor who can help you with all your MICR printing needs. They should also provide your company with support or documentation to help you install the font and get you printing your own checks as quickly as possible.

Advantages of MICR Check Printing

It may seem like a bit more work to install an entire font set and learn how to make use of MICR fonts just to print checks. However, one big benefit is that your business will no longer be forced to order pre-printed checks, which can be costly. Another benefit is that when you integrate the LaserJet printing of MICR blank checks with QuickBooks, you also get the ability to print any range of check numbers plus the integrated accounting features within QuickBooks for seamless bank account management, making it an ideal small business solution. Lastly, if you make any mistakes you can fit the problem right away.

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