5 Facts Every Online Marketer Needs To Know About The New Myspace

Promoting your business on Myspace? What is this, 2005? While there’s no disputing that the once-dominant site isn’t quite the player that it once was, you’d be mistaken to ignore it entirely. The newly revamped Myspace is now a multimedia discovery and sharing tool aimed at millennials, and its 25 million users is nothing to sneeze at. Even online businesses who aren’t in the music industry use it to spread the word about their services and connect with fans.

But since Myspace a unique place to promote your business, there are few things that all online marketers need to know in order to get the most out the social network.

1) Not All Accounts Can Podcast

Since the focus of Myspace is so heavy on audio, you’d think that your company podcast and the site would be a natural fit, right? If you plan on using Myspace to build an audience for your podcast, take note that only three types of accounts are allowed share podcasts: Comedian, DJ, and Musician. If you have selected “Brand,” which the most popular choice for companies, you won’t be able to effectively get new ears for your podcast.

2) Video Is Ideal

While it bills itself as a platform for music makers and music fans, Myspace can handle video very well, even better than Facebook. If you have videos that promote your business, Myspace should be your second stop to upload them after Youtube.

3) You Can Get Banned For Spamming

Myspace doesn’t take too kindly to users who abuse its messaging system, to the extent that blasting out messages might get you permanently booted off the site. If you want engage other users, do it naturally.  If someone is complaining about a problem that your company’s services can solve, by all means offer a helpful comment. But indiscriminate messaging will get your account closed in a hurry.

4) Embrace The Music-Centeredness

Myspace is a place for music, and that is a big part of what your users expect. If you aren’t directly connected with the music industry, you can still join the party by curating your own playlists around your brand. For example, if you sell energy drinks, you can create and post playlists filled with high-energy workout or inspirational music. If you sell home furniture, make a massive playlist filled with songs that have “home” in the title. Make it fun, and people will find you.

5) Connect Facebook And Twitter to Myspace

Apparently the rivals have buried the hatchet. Want to make it easier to update your Myspace account? Using a Myspace-approved third-party app, you can automatically make every single Facebook and Twitter post appear as a Myspace post. That’s not to say you shouldn’t give Myspace the individualized attention it deserves, but connecting your accounts will give you the power to do more across multiple platforms in less time.

Make The Most Of It

Myspace is like any other social network: it is what you make of it. No matter what social network you are on, users will always respond to interesting content. Just update it regularly, connect with other fans, and your brand will slowly get the following that you want.

Frank Puller is a blogger from Oklahoma City, OK. He writes about social media, internet marketing, and technology.