5 Major Companies That Are Raising Their Marketing Game

With consumers saving instead of spending, companies are looking for new and innovative ways to market their products. The digital arena is one area of focus. Marketing departments have started to hire more creatives in this area. Here are five major companies that are expanding their marketing departments.

1. Sears:  Utilizing Content Marketing

Sears, Roebuck and Co., and Kmart Corporation have over 2,500 retail stores. Each one could use some marketing help. For the third consecutive year, they are leading the jobs market with the most openings for marketing professionals. They are hiring email marketing managers, senior analysts for the Sears Auto Center marketing team, director of marketing effectiveness, and marketing specialists.

Sears has used content marketing to promote its fitness products and their new FitStudio community. The articles produced by fitness experts are promoted through Sear’s Facebook page and Shop Your Way to connect readers to fitness products.

2. Microsoft:  Making Cool Commercials

Image via Flickr by Michael Kappel

Microsoft is looking for senior product marketing managers, digital community marketing leads, and associate product managers. They have a lot of new products to sell including the Xbox One, Windows 8 pc and tablets, and Windows RT tablets. New witty commercials target their rival Apple and its iPad. If you can come up with something similar or even more clever, Microsoft wants you.

3. Amazon.com:  Sticking With What Works

Amazon.com is an internet based company that uses the internet to market its products. Pay Per Click advertising is one of its most successful methods. They buy Google ads to attract customers to their website. They also update their website frequently to stay new and trendy, as well as accessible on nearly every device possible. Affiliate marketing and email marketing continue to produce results for Amazon.com.

With ship to home options, more and more households are opting to order products online. It is convenient and quick, if you have a decent internet connection. If you haven’t upgraded to a high-speed internet connection, do so today. Century Link offers bundled internet, phone, and cable. Check out their website for more information:  http://www.centurylinkbundles.com/

4. Oracle:  Selling to an International Audience

Oracle is also hiring a lot of marketing experts to help communicate how their IT advances help businesses profit. This is a challenging task considering most businesses don’t upgrade their software or hardware that often, and they are pretty much satisfied with their current IT company.

Oracle is hiring marketers in several countries. They want marketing programs managers, social media conversion managers, and business intelligence analysts.

5. HP:  Good at Attracting Customers

Hewlett-Packard’s marketing department has some great email marketing material. They utilize an attractive email letter, a great landing page, and a secondary tab that details specs. They could increase their laptop sales with celebrity endorsements like they did in 2006 with the Jay Z commercial. HP is hiring senior managers for their digital marketing, planning, and strategy group and project marketing manager for their US notebook/tablet division.

If you have the marketing skills to grow these companies, submit an application. The competition is tough, so be prepared to back up your resume with examples of your marketing successes and innovation.