5 Tips for Finding More Clients for Your Bookkeeping Business

Sourcing new clients is a vital part of keeping your bookkeeping business current and successful. Even the most successful bookkeepers will need to continually market their business in order to bring in new clients.

Word of mouth marketing counts for a lot in keeping and expanding your clientele, but there are many methods you can use to successfully gain more bookkeeping clients. The key is to figure out what works for you and keep doing that. Consider these tips for finding new clients for your bookkeeping business:

  • Reach: Consider your current client base and how you might reach other businesses within the same industries at their local events. Many industry bodies run conferences and seminars on a frequent basis and this may be a perfect time to get a presentation together about your bookkeeping business, and how your bookkeeping software can benefit them. Being able to demonstrate how accounting and workflow management software has benefited businesses in the same industry will demonstrate the stability of your product and service your business provides.
  • Source New Businesses: Consider approaching smaller businesses who may not have a formal bookkeeping system in place who need a more thorough process for calibrating their books prior to the accounting phase. Consider searching across business registers for new businesses, and put together a marketing package to approach them with. You can also ask your network of contacts for referrals into new businesses.
  • Advertise: There is nothing more important than to get your business and branding out there and visible. Tell your potential clients why your bookkeeping services are vital for their business. Try traditional print advertising in business and industry publications, or Pay-Per-Click advertising through search engines like Google to access the business community online.
  • Branding: Work on your branding, logo, website and communications. Putting a little time and investment into getting your branding right makes a big difference in securing new clients. A professional look goes a long way. An eye-catching logo, a great business name, a simple and effective business card and a modern, functional user-friendly website are all vital aspects for gaining your client’s faith that your bookkeeping business is a professional and experienced business.  The website is vital for first impressions, as this is likely the first place a potential client will go to find information about your products and services, expertise, professional industry recognition, memberships, and recommendations.
  • Customise: Tailor your software packages to suit a range of industries, trades and organisations. Offer a variety of packages to suit clients at different levels. Price your services, software and customer support relative to the size of the businesses for the clients you are seeking. This will demonstrate to your potential clients that you are working with them, and will provide a tool to help them with their business as it grows.
  • Join Networking Groups. There are many structured networking groups that put business people in contact with others in their local areas. These groups are an excellent way of maintaining a local business network and gaining new referrals to your business.

Good luck growing your bookkeeping business and finding new clients!

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