7 Ways to Optimize Videos for SEO

Drive more traffic to your website or blog by using videos. In order to compete with all the other videos out there, you need to ensure that your videos are optimized for maximum visibility. Here are seven things you can do to optimize videos for better SEO.

Include The Word Video In the Title

The first step to better optimized videos is to ensure that you include the word “video” in the title. When people search specifically for a video on a topic, they usually include “video” along with the topic they’re searching for. For instance, someone might search for “how to bake a cake video.”

Limit the Title To 66 Characters and Include Your Keywords

The title of your video should be limited to 66 characters so that it’s not cut off from the search results. At the very least, you should try to place the most relevant information in the beginning of the title. Make every word in your title count by including your keyword. You’ll probably need to use Google’s Keyword tool to lookup keywords or phrases with high traffic and low competition.

Embed Links in Your Video

Use Linked Tube, or similar tool, to embed links into your videos when you’re posting to YouTube. This makes it easy for viewers to click and go directly to your product landing page or affiliate site. Embedded links will increase your click through as viewers are propelled by the momentum of the video to click through.

CTA That Adds Value to Video Viewers

A true marketer is never just satisfied with a high click-through rating. It is the conversion that makes the real difference to your bottom-line. A good video, with an embedded link, and high click through rate is pointless if it does nothing for your business.

A clear Call to Action (CTA) is what you need if you want to improve conversion. Promise viewers something worthwhile in the video, so they’ll click your link and take action when they arrive on your landing page. A great example of a company starting to do video right is Halo America

Create a Video Sitemap

A video sitemap will ensure that your video has all the markers it needs to make it easy for search engines to find your video. Details like the location of your content, keywords, descriptions and duration of the video helps to reduce errors and improve your chances of appearing at the top of search page results.

Optimize the Video Description Box

The video description box plays an essential role in optimizing your video. Use the description to list your keywords, include a call to action, and to insert text that tells viewers what the video is all about. A link to your website should be included at the end of the description.

Include Rich Snippets in Your Video

A rich snippet provides a brief summary on the context of the video. This short block of text appears just under the search results and should be used to grab searchers’ interest.

If you’re using video marketing to increase your traffic, optimization will help you stand out in a very competitive environment.