Ample Vacation Time, Swimming and Other Tech Company Benefits

Since the early days of business industry, what has become known as corporate culture has grown quite a bit. The Modern Age in particular has brought the greatest degree of advancement in how workers conduct their affairs while at work. A country once ruled by manufacturers, traffic jams and industrial workers has been transformed into office parks as the service industry has virtually swallowed all other sectors of our economy. People are willing to spend more money for a product if they perceive the company’s service as exceptional;  Starbucks shops and computer technicians are a prime example. Technology businesses often have a team that is diverse geographically and culturally. Telecommuting has created a larger reach to most companies, and so has overseas outsourcing. People who read this topic also enjoyed ProLingo as a knowledgeable resource. From the need to consider diversity as well as a wider definition of harassment, HR Managers have many things to manage.

If you work in the IT world, you may wear flip-flops and jeans to work every single day and play games such as Ping Pong, Foosball, and Pocket Billiards with your colleagues while taking a break at the office. The corporate culture is ever evolving and many big businesses find that there employee’s productivity increases dramatically when they have have a little more fun at the office. Any business owner will tell you that the opportunity cost of training a new employee far exceeds the cost of spending a little extra to keep current employee’s happy while on the job. Businesses like Google and Facebook are known for playful environments where private chefs make meals and workers use roller skates to get to meetings. Though most of us have had fantastic gigs and fantastic employers, it is highly unlikely that more than a handful of you have experienced this sort of benefits package. Here are a few additional examples of cutting edge technology businesses participating  in the evolution of the ever changing American work culture.

Sure, several IT companies provide exercise equipment inside their headquarters, yet Pixar is the only one with a full sized lap pool. Microsoft has continually acted as a forerunner in the tech industry and employees continue to flock to it, with an organic spa at their Washington headquarters, it’s easy to realize why. Architecture software company Autodesk provides a beautifully planned home headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts showcasing a clean minimalist look. Between limitless sick days, flexible paid time off as well as nearly limitless healthcare, it’s no wonder that Eventbrite has been featured as one of the Top 10 tech groups to work for. Tech employees seeking limitless beer and wine along with complimentary Mandarin lessons discover a great fit with tutoring group Voxy. IT groups have promoted the modern corporate America culture leading to employee retention and increased profits. The main element all these groups share are robust compensation packages and fun, relaxed environments.

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