Creative Product Packaging Designs

Product packaging is much more than just a way to store the contents inside. It can be used as a great marketing tool, to make a product stand out from its competitors and deliver information about the product in an interesting and informative way. Here are ten of the most creative product packaging designs around.

Babees honey

There’s no mistaking what’s inside this product, as the cleverly designed jar comes with just three dark stripes around it, and a dark lid, to represent a bee. Obviously, inside the jar you’ll find some honey, which is visible through the clear container.

Milk container

The packaging for this product spells it out loud and clear that there’s milk inside, as the white container is made up of each letter in the word milk. It’s simple, effective and very memorable.

Jam jar

You also can’t go too far wrong with working out what’s inside this visually pleasing jar, shaped like a giant strawberry. It will also stand out on the supermarket aisles amongst all the other bog-standard jars of jam, screaming out to be picked just for the novelty factor alone.


Woolly heads

Wool probably isn’t one of those products where too much thought has ever gone into how it’s packaged, but the designers of this brand, have come up trumps and injected a little humour into the process. The package of a male face gives the impression that the wool is both a beard and hair.

Egg carton

Most egg cartons are fairly bland and standardised, but this clever packaging design stands out from the crowd. The container looks elegant and earthy, and inside you’ll find your eggs nestled amongst straw, for a very natural, just-laid feel.

Bla-bla cookies

Quirky and eye-catching, this is no ordinary packet of biscuits. With the packaging shaped as a face, you tear the mouth, or bla-bla, bit open to reveal the biscuits inside.

Lace-up shoes

If you’re going to buy a pair of shoes, then quite rightly they should be held in a container that resembles a shoe on the side. Ingenious use of shoelaces is used to create handles for the container.

Perfect pasta

The packaging for this premium quality pasta denotes an Italian chef, whereby the outline of his body is clear, so you can see the contents of the pasta inside the packaging. It’s quirky, fun and appealing.

Salt and pepper

Salt and pepper are normally packaged in small jars or boxes, which are functional but not exactly inspiring. This unique design stores salt and pepper in containers that resemble batteries.

Tea bag faces

A sense of humour is a must for anyone who decides to buy these tea bags. You place the tea bag in a cup and the package hangs over the side, in the shape of a famous figure. It will certainly be a talking point next time you invite someone over for a quick cuppa.

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