DVD copying and how to get famous

Get famous for DVD duplication? Really?

No, we’re not suggesting you set up a market stall and sell pirated copies of the Hollywood hits until you get your picture in the local paper! But if you have acting talents of your own, you’re going to need to get yourself out there, and for that you’ll need a DVD copy of your showreel.

If you want to make an impression on casting directors, keep it short. 3 minutes 30 seconds is ample – stretch it to 4 minutes and you’ll lose them. Remember, this is not a memento for your parents to cherish. You may well want to keep a DVD copy of your every recorded performance – it’s fine and understandable to want to make a scrapbook for yourself and your friends. A casting director doesn’t know you, and doesn’t particularly want to. You have the extent of their hard-pressed attention to convince them that you can make their life easier. If you haven’t grabbed them in the first 10 or at the most 20 seconds, they’re not going to make it to the end. So make sure every second counts.

Create technically high-quality material for DVD duplication

Of course it shouldn’t matter, and we’re sure there are ‘diamonds in the rough’ who were discovered via the shonkiest of showreels, but things like the quality of editing and production really do contribute to creating a favourable impression of your professional credibility. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use HD or the latest available technology. Consider the formats in which your clips already exist, and make a decision about the best way to render the whole collection. You also want the quality to be even, so it doesn’t draw attention to itself in a bad way. Once you’ve got the content sorted, check out http://www.duplicationcentre.co.uk/dvd-duplication.html for a brilliant DVD duplication service.

Can I get DVD printing for my business?

Whether you are a sports car dealership wanting to provide digital brochures to your clients, or a clothes designer wanting to distribute your latest designs, using DVD printing can benefit your business in a number of ways.

Is DVD printing expensive?

DVD replication and DVD printing can be expensive but with the Duplication Centre, all of your DVD printing needs can be provided at industry leading prices. With DVD replication and DVD printing starting at as little as £1.10, you are guaranteed to find a cost-effective solution for your business at www.duplicationcentre.co.uk.

DuplicationCentre offers services in DVD Duplication with prices starting as low as £ 1.10 for a hundred DVDs. All their services are provided in house up to runs of 1000 disks. They have years of experience in DVD Duplication allowing them to provide the highest level of quality and service.

If I’m paying so little, how do I know I’m getting the best quality?

At the Duplication Centre, only the highest quality DVD printers, discs and ink are used. Their DVD printers take instructions from sophisticated software so your artwork remains looking as professional as you are.

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