Getting Help for Your Invention or Idea

Great inventions and product ideas don’t come around very often for many of us. When they do occur, we would want to take advantage of the opportunity by protecting the idea and getting any help that was necessary to develop it properly. This often starts with getting a patent, something that most of us have never done before. You also need good records.

From the very moment you have a new idea, you should document all of the information and progress as thoroughly as possible. This would include any steps that were taken during the time that the ideal or invention was being developed. If you purchase anything or make any drawings, keep a record of those as well and continue to document the development through written records and photographs.

Patent and Prototype

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has an official website where you can research existing patents to see if your idea or invention is truly unique. If it is unique, you can obtain a patent by filling out the forms online or by submitting them via fax or through the USPS. Although this process can be done without any assistance, doing so is not something that I would recommend. You will have a much better opportunity of being granted a patent if you have the assistance of a patent agent or an attorney that is familiar with the process.

It is also necessary for you to have a prototype, particularly if you are developing an idea into a tangible invention. The type of prototype that is developed may be very simple, such as a computer-generated model or one that is made out of paper/cardboard or it may be fully functional (Source: product design and development at Innovate Product Design). You can get additional help for developing a prototype through a prototyping company. This will assist you through the idea development and in allowing you to get the product to market.

Finally, consider the marketing that is involved throughout the process. Even if you have the best product that has ever been invented, it is likely to fail if you do not market it properly. This is also something that may require outside assistance from a marketing company.

There are many rewards to developing a unique idea into a usable product. With the right type of inventions help, you can develop it properly and see the most reward for your efforts.

Patrick Dawson is the author of this article about getting help for your invention idea. He is a part-time professor and an expert in patenting ideas. He gathered resources from Innovate Product Design to write this article, visit, for more information.