How Modern Day Entrepreneurs Are Using Social Media & You Can Too!

If it seems like “everyone” is on social media – that’s because most people are today. So if you are an entrepreneur, it simply makes good business sense to get on social media for your business. conducted a recent survey and discovered that 52% of marketers had found leads via Facebook in 2013. Forty-three percent of the marketers had also found leads via LinkedIn and also through the company’s blog.

So how can you put it to work for your company today? Here are a few Do’s and Don’t’s, based on what modern day entrepreneurs have done to be successful.

Don’t – or at least be hesitant – about handing this task off to “just” an intern. It is tempting to hire an intern to manage your social media. Some interns will work for college credit (unpaid) and others work for a low salary, making them quite budget friendly. But at times this choice can truly cost you. Remember that social media is like a form of public relations combined with customer service – so you are asking someone to publicly represent your company. Are you really comfortable handing that responsibility off to someone with little or no real work experience and/or someone you pay minimum wage? While some interns are certainly hard working and can turn out to be star performers at any company, they may be ill prepared to handle your social media management needs. Sometimes it pays to go with a “pro” or to train a current employee and get them up-to-date on social media skills.

Do get clear about what you want to do on social media – before you get out there. This is one of the challenges that many entrepreneurs and others face. They are so eager “to get out there” that they create accounts and start posting, without goals or any type of strategy. This is similar to starting a business without a business plan or even a mission statement. Take the time to do a little homework, “lurk” and follow a few favorite entrepreneurs, companies and people you admire. See what they do on social media and what you would want to do that is similar to them or that would be different. This can help you clarify your plan.

Don’t start posting without an editorial calendar. Social media is fun, friendly & informative at its best – and usually this takes a bit of work to create the best content to represent you and your company. Those who are successful at social media take the time to create an editorial calendar, working at least one to three months in advance to pre-plan their content. You can prepare to mention new product launches, company innovations and anything else you think those who choose to follow you will find fun & interesting. A calendar will help keep you organized so you aren’t posting and re-posting the same content over and over again.

A great social media plan can help connect you with new and prospective customers and develop business connections. If you aren’t on social media – now is the time to start planning your social media strategy!

Article provided by Brandon Turunen.