Quirky, Branded Promotional Materials

Branding is essential to creating a unique and clear image for a product or service in a potential customer’s mind. One of the key practices of branding for many years now is the use of branded promotional materials. Such items can be produced in bulk at low cost and provides an easy way to promote an image with your consumers. Around the house, you would always find a cluster of branded pens and pencils. Some of you might even have a branded promotional t-shirt or hat thrown in the cupboard. There are also the mounds of pretty useless branded items such as balloons.

Most commonly, businesses brand items which would be commonly used around the office or home. These included paper weights, bookmarks, stationery, and especially key rings. These commonly used items were constantly in use and before the eyes of the potential consumer. Times have changed however – such items are very little used nowadays leaving businesses clueless as to which promotional gifts to use now.

In a world filled of technology, one can still opt to use the promotional materials method as a branding exercise. Now, we just need to think outside of the box. We no longer use bookmarks as many of us use tablets or e-readers to read books. Tablets and e-readers are items which tend to be in use almost everyday and need protective covers. A branded protective Ipad or tablet cover could provide a quirky means of promoting your brand. Similarly, branded USB keys, mouse mats and even laptop cases are used as branded promotional materials. In today’s world, we rely on your laptops and computers for entertaining us every day. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to get a brand in front of the consumers’ eyes is by infiltrating technology. Smartphone cases are another example of a type of branded promotional material. When purchased in bulk, such items can become affordable, effective ways of solidifying your brand name in the consumers mind.

Of course, some of the traditional materials are still effective. We all still have house keys and car keys so a quirky promotional key ring is still an efficient means of promotional branding. We all still spend copious amounts of time in traffic so car stickers are still an effective traditional promotional material. Do however swap your promotional pens for a promotional stylus for a more edgy, more frequently used item that will impress your consumers.

Consumers love free stuff and have become accustomed now to receiving free stuff from businesses. Do not go giving them items that will go to no use and get thrown in the waste bin, never to be seen again. Promotional materials can be a means of making your consumer feel appreciated as they value their useful, free gift. Giving something of great use means that they will see your brand on a daily basis. This of course helps to set up a lasting image of your brand in their mind. Keep promotional materials as part of your branding strategy, but be sure to keep them relevant and quirky for maximum effect.

Sandra Creggan is a freelance blogger who wites on business related topics.