Renewable Energy for Businesses

Regardless of the size of a business, a great deal of a budget a month can go to energy. Whether it’s in an office or in a warehouse, there are always places where a little less could be spent on keeping the place lit and warm for employees.

Renewable energy has been in the spotlight for a good few years now, especially given the current economic climate. It’s not just money that needs to be saved – the environment could do with a helping hand too.

Because fossil fuels are becoming increasingly scarce, any source of energy which is continuously replenished such as wind, water and solar power is of increasing interest. So what exactly can a business, regardless of size, utilise to energy bills and carbon emissions low?

Solar power

Solar panels and wind turbines are a popular choice of renewable energy technology, and mass installations can be completed on large sites for larger buildings. While you cannot run the entirety of an office building on solar panels quite yet, it’s been proven that solar panels can offer real savings on energy bills.

In order to significantly reduce the amount of fossil fuel energy used, businesses can opt for a large PV panel installation. Such panels are most effective during summer months, but even generate on cloudy days and can also provide backup power during power outages.

Renewable energy technology supplier, Dulas, has completed large installations of solar PV panels to businesses across the UK, and are fully aware that renewable energy sources are a long-term investment for any company.

“Ever-rising energy costs,” said a spokesperson for the Wales-based brand, “have a significant impact on business. As this is unlikely to change, the pressures on the commercial sector to contribute to our climate change goals will grow.

“A roof-mounted solar system will help future-proof your business against these threats.”

Thanks to the ‘Feed-In Tariff’ scheme, excess energy which is unused can be put back into the grid and render a profit for the company.

Energy options

In addition to solar power, large-scale renewable energy technology installations of other renewable energies can be employed. Specifically, these are:

  • Hydroelectric power – this is ideal for rural landowners, farms and businesses looking to save energy that own a river with a significant head . Hydroelectric power sees the generation of electricity thanks to the harnessing of the movement of water.
  • Wind power – Wind turbines can be used to capture the energy of the wind.
  • Biomass – This is most often used for heating water and buildings, and is often the renewable energy of choice for catering firms, poultry farms or any business in need of a constant supply of hot water. Pellets made of decomposed matter are burned in order to produce the energy or a local supply of woodchip or logs can be used.

You can find out more about saving business energy here.

Image courtesy of Department of Energy Solar Decathalon