The Top 5 Product Designs Of All Time

Although the process in which efficient and effective ideas are generated in order to lead to a new product is known as product design, the product itself can also be referred as a product design. Before a new product is designed, there are many details that have to be considered. These may include how objects are used and abused by people, errors made in the design process, faulty products, and the desirable ways in which people wish to use objects. The best pieces of product design are supposed to benefit people of all abilities and ages, such as the ones below.

1. Bic Cristal Ballpoint Pen

The Bic Cristal disposable ballpoint pens can probably be regarded as the ancestors of all modern ballpoint pens, and they remain to be the world’s most widely sold pens. Even New York City’s Museum of Modern Art has acknowledged the industrial design of the Big Cristal ballpoint pen. These pens have a hexagonal shape like wooden pencils but they provide a greater writing stability than pencils and other types of ballpoint pens.

2. Bic Disposable Safety Razor

The Bic disposable razor proved to be the next innovation in safety razors when it was first introduced. Instead of just having a disposable blade, this entire safety razor is manufactured to be disposable. Ever since then, the Bic disposable razor design has been further modified to have three- and four-blade cartridges. Today, Bic disposable safety razors are available for both men and women.

3. Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Without James Dyson, the founder of the Dyson Ltd. Company, we would probably not be using vacuum cleaners in our homes today. Today, Dyson vacuum cleaners are sold in more than 50 countries. Cyclonic separation technology is used by all Dyson vacuum cleaners to remove dust and other particles from the air stream. Dyson vacuum cleaners also make use of the Air Multiplier Technology, which involves a bladeless fan. Perhaps this is why Dyson vacuum cleaners are among the most efficient ones.

4. SanDisk Flash Memory Cards

SanDisk is the multinational corporation that developed flash memory cards for the first time. SanDisk currently designs and manufactures flash memory cards for camcorders, digital cameras and smartphones. Today, most of us have cell phones with a microSD memory card in them for additional storage, and the microSD flash memory card is also one of SanDisk flash memory storage products. The small form of SanDisk’s flash memory cards have made them compatible with modern ultra-slim electronic devices.

5. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knives have become recognized around the world because of their versatility. Although they were originally designed and manufactured for use army officers, they have become somewhat of collector’s items. Moreover, they are equally useful since they have sharp blades, and a variety of other tools like a can opener, screwdrivers, scissors, and many others. Swiss Army Knives have also entered popular culture as a metaphor for adaptability and usefulness.

These were probably five of the most timeless product designs that were an instant success right from the moment they were introduced and they are being widely used in the modern world of today.

Jacob Daaz is a blogger. He likes to blog about interesting facts, interior design and anything that has to do with DIY stuff.