Turn Maintenance Into Money with CMMS Solutions

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) offers a number of significant advantages in terms of optimized operations. Companies in sectors such as industry, agriculture, health care, education and many others utilize these systems to automate the administrative aspects of maintenance management. In doing so, they minimize the costs associated with fixed, tangible assets while maximizing productivity potential. K2 Technology Maintenance Management offers transparent and effective CMMS implementation solutions, ensuring that your company will benefit from the vast potential offered by the system.

Routine Maintenance Tracking

A CMMS automates the tasks associated with scheduling routine and preventative maintenance and repairs, allowing maintenance personnel to focus on maintenance work instead of paperwork. These preventative maintenance procedures appear in the system, as they are required, recurring and escalating as necessary.

Procedural Information

The CMMS stores operational information, such as checklists, associated with specific maintenance tasks. Not only will the system ensure that the tasks are completed on time, but also that they are completed correctly every time. The K2 Technology Maintenance Management team will work to assist in the creation of maintenance strategies that are uniquely suited to your organization, drawing upon the client’s experience as well as their own to create a plan that meets both the required regulations and manufacturer recommendations.

Advanced Work Order Prioritization

Work orders can be entered into a CMMS directly, further reducing the administrative duties that are placed upon maintenance personnel. As they are entered, the CMMS will automatically prioritize these requests according to their importance and severity. This allows maintenance managers to see at a glance that requests critical to safety and production concerns are completed before work begins on less important orders.

Efficient Time Management

The automated tracking of work requests in a CMMS optimizes the management of a maintenance department’s time. This can help you to reduce costs associated with inefficient maintenance tasking and increase the company’s productivity by minimizing downtime caused by critical failures. This is accomplished by the implementation performance standards that will produce the optimal safe production standards for your company.

Supply Tracking

While increasing the efficiency of maintenance personnel, a CMMS also reduces costs by accurately tracking parts inventories and facilitating proper upkeep decisions. The system keeps an updated inventory of spare parts, which minimizes the time maintenance personnel spend searching for them, reduces unnecessary purchases, and automatically reorders parts when stocks are depleted.

Cost Tracking

The historical maintenance information stored by the CMMS allows maintenance management to analyse the ongoing performance of equipment. Should a particular piece of equipment begin to show increasing costs associated with downtime and repairs, this data provides vital input into decisions involving equipment repair or replacement. The system can alert maintenance management personnel to situations in which that equipment’s repair costs outweigh the potential benefits of replacement, optimizing the work of both the maintenance department and the company as a whole.

The Big Picture

The asset register will gather all of the critical data that you need to efficiently manage your assets. Fixed, tangible assets typically make up a significant portion of a company’s overall value, making the performance and use of those assets an important aspect of operations. Utilizing the information provided by a CMMS, management personnel throughout the company have a continuous, updated dashboard with which to track key performance indicators. The wealth of information that is tracked by a CMMS can have a major impact on strategic decisions.

Record Keeping

The CMMS makes regular inspections and audits easier by automating the additional procedures that are required during these processes. The detailed records kept by the system increase the transparency of operations, and the system automates the recording and storage of information and paperwork specifically related to any given regulatory process.

A CMMS is a powerful and invaluable tool for companies in virtually every sector. The potential decreases in costs, increases in productivity, elevated levels of workplace safety and vast amounts of strategic intelligence that are offered by a CMMS all combine to offer advantages that are too great to ignore.

K2 Technology Maintenance Management takes your company a step beyond these advantages by utilizing the team’s knowledge and experience to provide not just an operational, customized and efficient system, but also the means to utilize all of the powerful tools that the system can provide. This mesh of technological, operational and physical maintenance systems provides a complete maintenance philosophy that is unique to your company, adapted to your equipment and workforce, and as efficient and effective as possible.

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