Video Solutions for Enterprises and Businesses

In business, sharing information is crucial. One of the most effective ways to share information is through video engagement. However, if you haven’t considered a business video platform, you probably don’t know what you’re missing out on. There are a number of different reasons you produce videos, from training new recruits to bringing staff up to date. With an online platform, corporate communications will be far more effective. Not only is an unbeatable video suite user-friendly, but affordable as well.

What to Expect

If you have never used a platform before, you might be wondering what it does. First off, it makes it much easier to distribute videos, either for desktop or mobile viewing. Have you ever had difficulty finding a specific video? Searching around for content can be a huge waste of time and will be a thing of the past with an excellent suite, where you will be able to conveniently index videos. Furthermore, social features consolidate the discussion amongst viewers. Instead of sending off countless emails to different people, all communication will be consolidated in threaded discussion. Plus, sharing videos on social networks will be easy. On top of all this, videos can easily be integrated into existing portals. If you already use a number of systems, this will really come in handy. Finally, say goodbye to a lot of the complications that come with capturing content and uploading videos. With a platform, you will be able to upload video files in any format, which will solve distribution issues. If you want to record either audio or video directly from your webcam, you can use the suite to publish content in a matter of minutes. With all these perks, why would you let any video complications get in the way of productivity?

Other Benefits

Aside from these perks, you will have a much easier time establishing permissions. If you want to share a video privately, because it contains sensitive details or is only intended for certain people, you won’t have to worry about unauthorized viewing. When it comes to business secrets or other private content, you want to know that it is being shared securely. Also, you can track how many views a video has, as well as find out how long the people watched it for. To experience all the advantages of a business video platform, buy one today. After all, employees are sure to appreciate the efficiency, especially if they have ever had a frustrating experience with regard to creating, uploading, sharing, discussing, or finding a video. When it comes to business videos, a superior platform is a must-have, something that simplifies the process dramatically and can help take your company to the next level.

Get Started

If you have worked hard to turn the company into what it is today, you understand how important it is to make things more efficient. A typical day in the office can be quite hectic, so sharing information properly might be difficult. With a video suite, you won’t have to worry about complications regarding video production or sharing. A top-notch video platform has a lot of perks, so you should start taking advantage of them today.

Image: KZO