Wasting Energy as a Business: Summer vs. Winter

As a business owner, it’s essential that you look at your overheads and account for everything that you spend money on. Your profits may not be as strong as they can be because you’re wasting energy in the workplace and depending on the season, there are plenty of ways in which you can prevent unnecessary energy consumption.

In the Summer

  • Air-conditioning units become the best friends of many businesses, with people automatically reaching for the on-switch as soon as they walk into the office. While having the office closed overnight, the residual build-up of heat may make it unbearably stuffy but that doesn’t mean you need to jump for the air-con as soon as you walk through the door. Managers could arrive a little earlier than their staff, to open doors and windows and allowing air to circulate. It’s amazing the difference it can make. If you do decide to turn on the air-con, turn it down a little rather than cranking up the cooler.
  • People often forget about radiators in an office and employers don’t think that it’s up to them to turn them off. It’s up to the boss to make the call and to turn the radiators off during the warmer months – they don’t need to be on at all!
  • Rather than using every overhead light in the room, open the blinds and utilise the natural light that will seep through the windows. With longer and lighter days, even as late afternoon arrives, chances of needing lights during the summer months are slim to none.


In the Winter

  • As soon as the cold spell hits, people rush for the radiators to make sure they’re turned up to full. Heating a workplace can cost a fortune, with many square feet of space to heat. While it’s a human need to be warm, consider the areas of your business that don’t require constant heating – the kitchen, bathroom, store rooms, conference rooms – keep radiators off in these areas unless required. Remember that some rooms need to be cold, such as server rooms, so ensure the heating isn’t on in these places.
  • With the winter season comes darker, glummer days. With drab weather comes the inherent need to switch on every single light you can find to try and keep the S.A.D at bay. While you’re bound to need lighting for longer periods during the day, you don’t need to waste electricity by lighting rooms that aren’t used. Invest in motion sensors so that corridors and toilets etc. are illuminated when the sensor detects somebody.

Energy is so easily wasted – it’s essential to try and cut back where possible, not just for the environment but for the bank balance too.

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