What It Means to be a Social Entrepreneur

If you’ve thought about being an entrepreneur and want to make a difference in the world, then being a social entrepreneur may interest you. Social entrepreneurship is a newly defined trend in entrepreneurship. The social entrepreneur is one who helps to find solutions to social problems.

If you choose to be a social entrepreneur, you will want to adopt a mission that supports the social problem you have chosen. Then you seek out opportunities that support this mission to help create positive change. So if your mission is to help literacy for children, there are many ways you could accomplish this. You could start a low cost tutoring center. You could create workshops that train teachers in fun ways to help children learn to love to read. You could establish a publishing company and publish children’s apps that would encourage them to read, and then donate e-readers to a school in need so the children there could access them easily.

Some social entrepreneurs decide to work nationally and others work internationally. There are so many different social problems and some have an international or national reach. Choose the type of social entrepreneurship that you feel most passionate about and then work towards creating the resources for it. Remember that every entrepreneur creates a business plan, and in this plan you can set goals for yourself and your business. Some may decide an international social mission is ideal, especially if they speak another language or several languages or have lived in different countries and have connections in them that can help get their business underway. But know that by being a social entrepreneur, whether you choose a regional, national or international reach for your business, that you can make a marked difference in the world.

As a social entrepreneur you will need all of the skills that any other type of entrepreneur would have. An entrepreneur must be comfortable wearing many hats in their business, being a leader, doing marketing, negotiating, budgeting, communicating, hiring and delegating and using other skills. Many who have chosen entrepreneurship will admit they find this to be a challenging career choice, but say they wouldn’t want to do anything else if given the choice to pick another career.

Being a social entrepreneur will put you into contact with many people, organizations and businesses in the community. You also quite likely will connect with local, national and/or international government agencies as needed. Choosing to be a social entrepreneur is an exciting and passionate choice as you combine your wise business acumen and your desire to make a better world.

Article provided by Roger Hamilton.