Why All Online Businesses Should Use Video

I’m not going to bore you with a raft of statistics that explains how online video has exploded. You probably already know that 55% of people watch online video everyday and that one third of ALL online activity is consumed via video.

Video Creation Now Accessible to Everyone

But many businesses believe video is too difficult or expensive. While this used to be true it is no longer a factor. Anyone can create a video with a phone, iPad, webcam or a simple flip camera. This is super easy to do with these devices making it simple to upload to YouTube or your website.

You may think that shooting videos with a flip camera won’t look professional enough for your brand and you are right… and wrong! It depends on the nature of the video and your brand. If your business is essentially an individual a personal video shot with a flip camera is perfect as it creates a sense of connection with your audience, but more on that later.

Simple face to camera videos are perfect for giving personal messages, producing a news item or commentary (way better than an article for this) and it is perfect for trade events or interviewing people you meet at industry shows.

If you need a branded video or sales video these are now affordable for almost all businesses. Whiteboard videos are the latest video technique that is converting like crazy so they are worth exploring.

Video Connects

Any direct sales organization will tell you the best way to sell something is face to face, then over the phone and lastly via the written word. The reason for this is simple, people buy people. We buy when we feel real emotion, desire and trust and the best way to convey these things is via face to face communication.

Video can’t match face to face conversions but it’s about as close as we come to in the online realm. When we create a video we can show personality, warmth and convey nuances much easier than with the written word. Viewers can connect on a human level with you or your brand and that is extremely powerful. Even if you employ top copywriters it is difficult to connect so effectively with your audience.

To reinforce this fact studies have shown that people retain over 90% of information in videos but only 5% from the written word.

Video Makes You an Instant Expert

People believe videos giving you instant expert status. As humans we are conditioned via the proliferation of TV that people on screen are authorities. In many niches people are afraid to use video and that gives you an opportunity to establish yourself as an expert.

You can do this by bringing breaking news in your niche, commentary on news or trends or your thoughts on the direction of your niche. Once you start you’ll be amazed how much you have to say.

Videos Help Your SEO Efforts

We all love free search engine traffic right? Well video will help your whole site. This one is a hunch rather than having data on it but I believe Google favors sites with multi media. It may be a hunch but it stands to reason, how many spammy sites host their own videos? And how many authoritive sites employ video? I’ve personally had serp rises when I’ve hosted videos on a site.

Video’s also increase time on site and reduce bounce rate both important on page SEO factors. Once someone has watched your video they are more likely to check out your other content because they’ve connected with you or your brand.

Videos also get shared more than standard posts again improving your social media reach and influencing your rankings.

Videos and Search

The SEO benefits go way beyond your site. Getting videos ranked is far easier than any other medium. Universal search now shows videos for most queries giving you an opportunity to get first page traffic for terms you would never have dreamed of attacking. Forrester Research, stated it is 50 times easier to rank a video on the first page than a standard page.

To add to the video goodness videos get a 40% higher click through on universal search than standard listings. So a double whammy, easy rankings and more traffic from those rankings!

More Traffic with Video Syndication

The post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the power of YouTube. I suggest when you create a video you host it yourself on your site and produce a video sitemap, this will help the video rank.

Next upload the same video to YouTube. This will allow you to leverage Google’s tendency to rank their own properties. With minimal link building you can rank your video page one and if you work on building links to your sites page you can end up owning two spots on page one.

There is also significant traffic within YouTube that you can benefit from and there are specific tactics to ensure you suck up the majority of that traffic but that is a whole other topic.

David Sellars is an internet marketer and SEO expert. He recently consulted on an article about whiteboard animation videos at Wizmotions. He has used personal videos and whiteboard videos with great success for numerous clients.