Why Businesses Buy Servers

Deciding whether keep everything in-house or to outsource data handling, software hosting and even hosting of your businesses website is a decision faced by many SMEs and big businesses in the UK. Many businesses can function without the added worry and expense of managing their own IT infrastructure and will never buy servers because there managed services available that cater for their needs.

However, some circumstances dictate a different approach and it usually boils down to one of two reasons or both. Either the business management are not comfortable or have received advice that data owned by the business is better kept in-house or the costs of running servers with staff using thin client software is more economic as capital expenditure than using subscription services.

Buy Servers or Subscribe to Services

Many businesses can function without spending large sums on powerful IT equipment because they can simply subscribe to web-based software providers for everything they need to operate. Accounts, CRM and Project Management software are all available online as browser-based applications.

When a business needs to use specialist equipment, powerful systems are the only solution, but rather than spend big on each IT unit, it’s far more economical to host your application software on a server and provide access to users on your internal network. The end user will see the software in exactly the same way as a regular install, except all the number crunching and processing takes place on the server. This means you can use low cost units to populate your network and save a great deal on the initial capital expenditure and upgrades are cost efficient.

Private Servers for Data Storage and Distribution

The use of in-house servers has been the most efficient way for many businesses to operate when they have sensitive data or bespoke applications that require complicated installs and need to be accessible across a private network. There are so many good providers for serviced or managed hosting solutions that an average business today would rarely need to go out and buy servers from Dell, but there is still a huge market for privately managed and virtual servers because they have so many uses that even the best managed services would rather not handle.

The Support Issue with Managed Services

Typically, managed services that operate on a subscription basis will only provide support for their servers if you use standard installations of stock software. Any business that runs bespoke software can have issues with user privileges for system admins when or if problems materialise. That alone makes buying your own servers and hosting your own software more attractive.

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